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What do you drink while playing games.

Sgt Dro

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Before i play any game I like to start to unwind by making myself a drink, typically involving rum and asorted juices or mabye a nice scotch and a cigar if time permits. So what do you drink? List drink and how to make please. I am a lush, so naturally i will be testing all entries and at Christmas I will select a winner based on my own opinion and award some sort of prize. Repeated entries of others drinks will be ignored. State the make and type of drinks. Ex for beer fattire or liquor malibu dark ect.

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  • Sapphire

Mountain Dew, it makes me Jittery

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  • Emerald

raspberry lemonade

how to make it:

mix the syrup 1:4 with water

(to make it extra special use carbonated water)

I personally mix it 1:6 because I don't like it to sweet

other wise for the alcoholic need ill take a nice Ardbeg

for those old enough:


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  • Emerald


Nuff said

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Guest Feerless

When I get home from school I usually crack open a mountain dew and just sip on it the rest of the day, some days if I'm playing seriously I will drink 2. And if I'm just absolutely destroying 3.

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  • Emerald

I drink Alot of water while gaming,always ends up with me spending half the night going back and forth to the toilet!


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  • MVP

All the mentions of jitteryness from mountain dew are weird for me. Isn't mountain dew pretty much the same as sprite? Glorified lemonade? That is what it is here....

Aussie Mountain Dew


In Australia (in my state at least) it looks pretty much like the ones in-game. It is just like sprite though. No caffeine or anything. So why jitters?

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