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Pretending not to be the initiator


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  • Sapphire

So let's say I initiated on a settlement in an accent which my character does not speak in, but otherwise talk normally and pretend not to be the initiator. Logically you could easily see the person talking and hear where the sound is coming from, but that's a lot harder in Arma.

So for that reason, I'm wondering if initiating in a different voice and pretending not to be that person is allowed.

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  • Emerald

I wouldnt think so, sounds like it would be classified as trolling. People would say drop your weapons as then walk in asking who said it, while laughing their asses off leaving everybody on edge. So no I would say its not allowed

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If you managed to sneak in, without IDing yourself like I did in this video

you can still initiate inside the camp and start assassinating people.

But what I did wrong was I only text initiated, what I should have done was text and voice initiate, different accent or whatnot sure.

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It would be deemed trolling to pretend not to be the initiator like that. You can lie in an RP manner, but you can't do things like use a voice changer to alter your voice, and then switch it back going: "Oh no! Where are they? Who initiated on us?"

If you get captured, lie to your hearts content, if that's how you want it to go. Just don't confuse players in a manner that could mean someone might mistake who the initiator is.

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Keep in mind that the strict rules in initiations exists to counter any kind of confusion that might occur when you're getting initiated on.

Anything that could make you a bit confused (changing dialects, unclear information, missing consequences etc.) is probably a bad thing. Try to make your initiations as clear as possible at all times!

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