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Southstar - RDM - 3 days


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[Link to report] : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-forceful-rdm-without-justification-s1-raven-s-nest

[Why the verdict is not fair] : A bunch of FSA members including myself were banned for a forced hatchet fight. All of the members who were there at the time of the victims' deaths were banned for 3 days and received a ban strike and character reset.

The problem with this is that I was not present at the time of the hatchet fight. I was on my way to Raven's Nest to be with the rest of my clan. I didn't know about the hatchet fight until I arrived there and saw the dead bodies. I believe that I was in Teamspeak 3 with them at the time, but I had my sound muted in Teamspeak and was in a call with my boyfriend, talking to him.

[Additional statements/ comments explaining your PoV (in details)] :

You can hear my clan members say in direct that "Mia is over here, she is actually coming down the hill apparently." This was when I unmuted my sound and let them know that I was almost to Raven's Nest. You can then hear them say "I don't like that torturer girl, *something* , having those two fighting will be much more fun." (I was supposed to be the inquisitor in the clan that tortured people for information.)

When I got there, there were two dead bodies near the fire. I asked them what happened, they said the two dead people had a hatchet fight. I thought nothing of this and continued speaking with my boyfriend.

I spoke with a couple of GMs about this ban, they said that I showed up on the admin map at Raven's nest at the time of their deaths. When I arrived there though, they were already dead.

I have been an admin for a DayZ server before and have had access to the admin map. In my experience, the admin map lags occasionally. I know for fact that I was not there while the fight was occurring. I got there after it had already happened.

[What would you like to achieve with this appeal] : I do not believe that I should have a consequence for something that I did not take part in. I would potentially like my ban lifted and my ban strikes revoked. I truly was not involved in this other than my name being mentioned, Mia/Nadia. I was headed to Raven's Nest to be with my clan

[What could you have done better? (Additional question)]

Again, I don't believe that I did anything wrong, so I do not believe that there is anything that I could have done better. I was simply on my way to Raven's Nest. When I arrived there, the two victims were already dead. People in FSA can vouch for me if necessary. I am not in the video other than my name being said. My character skin is Female Soldier 1. I have a tan beret with black glasses.

Thank you for your time



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Upon reviewing the evidence their is evidence proving you were there after the fact, However additional evidence indicates it is possible that you ran to the scene after the act has been done.

As such I will revoke your ban and we apologize for any undue problems caused.

The appeal is granted.

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