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Permaban Ban Appeal

Guest Thuesen207

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Guest Thuesen207

Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-fsa-nlr-ravens-nest-19-00

Why the verdict is not fair : i feel that all of the SVR went against me, chaning their story into making me look like i was going to loot my dead body. i even was honest towards them telling them that i could not go closer because i wanted to stay away from my body, follow the rules and not to get in any trouble.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : i was running towards the back part of Altar hill top, atleast 1KM away from ravens, as i spawned in Berenzino or something (cant remember) so we all arranged a meeting up there.

while not having the best map knowledge in that part of the map i used my regular road that i take when going to Ravens/Altar castle, wich is the road that goes trough Gorka. when i reach the top of the road, the area where Ravens is located i start running towards Altar, i notice some guy coming towards me, i just went completely honest with him saying that i had died in Ravens and just tried to make my way to altar. the only reason i was that close is because i dont know how to find my way up there going "offroad". then after i go 100%honest towards the dude he makes a report.

it was by SVR, i feel that they made this report based on my Gang relations, they all went against me, one guy even said a different story then what the SVR OP said, he claimed i was running directly towards Ravens when they confronted me, wich is a load of Bull.

they also said stuff like " the only reason you did not loot your body is because you saw we were there, if not you would have looted it" i feel like theese are personal grudges from the SVR and they just wanted me banned for my relations.

im just a person, i dont know the map like my own house, i tried my best to stay away from my body while not getting lost and going to Altar. i also went totally Honest towards him because i wanted to be a legit honest player and stay away from trouble.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : i was close to my body but did my best to avoid it. as i was 100% honest towards them i belive that 1 Ban strike + 3Day Ban + Character wipe is not a fair punishment under the circumstanses.

i would like my Ban Strike and possibly my 3day ban lifted?

or atleast just my Ban Strike because right now i am afraid to even play just because of my warning level.

What could you have done better? i guess i could have told my whole clan to meet me somewhere else, but as they were already there it would be unfair to them, i could have tried to navigate with the skies.

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Guest Thuesen207Appeal

Made an appeal account.

it was explained in my NLR ban that i got such an harsh punishment because they had found me violating NLR in a report i made, so i just want to try to explain what happened at that scenario.

Me Sajad and another FSA member were running from our camp and towards Ravens, all of a sudden there are two cars, the people in the cars turned out to be the SVR.

they tried to rob us and we put up a fight, not sure if we killed any or not but it ended in all of our deaths. all we know is that we died in the woods, all that was around us was trees.

then about 40minutes later me and Sajad went to Ravens, none of us knew that we were close to where we died because all we knew is that it was somewhere in the woods. i didnt even think about my body because i was already decently geared, had a car and had no intentions to break the rules, i 100%honestly had no idea that i was even in the same area where my body was located. then we crash the car and get killed by SKA, i made a report, GM found out that when i got killed i was in fact not too far away from my body, how far and where i have no idea. the GM let is slide because it was my first time at a NLR break, and that is why GM gave me this punishment for this NLR.

so the GM tought that i had intentionally broken NLR two times knowing that i did so when i did not.

i hope this helps you at your verdict, i have donated 50Euros to this community wich is quite allot of money for me atleast, i did so becuase i love the community, the mod and the gameplay. i would even be happy if you set my warning level to like 99% and i will just run around bloodbagging people for the rest of my life, i really want to keep playing with the friends i have met here and enjoy the community.

i really hope you give me a small chance, but i guess i deserve whatever verdict you guys give me.

thanks guys.

-Sayid Nasar

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Guest Thuesen207Appeal

ok thanks for telling me this.

here is for the last report: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-forceful-rdm-without-justification-s1-raven-s-nest

basicly i do not feel that he made any attempts to stop it, ok i might have been a bit frightening and scary but i never told him anything like i will blow you head off if you dont fight, he said this is fucking bullshit in VOIP but i was talking at the same time wich made me not hear it.

i understand that he felt threatened but i would not have shot him if he asked me if he could walk away because i know they have to agree to the fight, but in our POV he made no real attempt to avoid it.

i still agree that i could have asked him if he was ok with the fight and not being to frightening.

if i could just get half a ban strike on any of theese i would be so happy. i love this community and will do everything i can to stay here.

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  • Legend

Unfortunately you broke the rules three times in a month. This put you at a 100% warning level. Any of of your infractions may have been mistakes. But if we believed this and revoked your ban it would not be fair to the other who do not get the same opportunity. All of your warnings are legitimate and will not be revoked.

This appeal is denied.

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