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Guest fox0509


(largely finished BG, and that's about it.)

So, This is CPl. James T. Norton, 16th engineers.

James Thomas Norton was born in Tallahassee, Florida. He had a good Childhood, due in no small part to his parents actually caring, and their background of relative wealth. His Mother was a stock-market trader, His father an army tanker (1st armored). He grew up, and stopped really caring about schoolwork. He joined a gang, and got into some sordid dealings. Eventually, James got caught, and he was given a choice. Either join the army, or face a jail sentence.

James chose the army. He took the test they gave him, and he was recommended to become an engineer. He joined the 16th engineer battalion, and specialized in vehicle repair. James had very little action in his post in some sandy country somewhere in the Middle East, aside from one instance where a small contingent of Taliban fighters attacked the base at night. The outgunned, outmanned, and out-trained insurrectionists stood little chance. He was given a promotion, from Private first class to corporal (even though all he did was alert his buddies when he saw them), and welcoming the extra money, he took it.

That’s just about when the zombie apocalypse that we all know and love reached America. James was on leave at the time, and thus was easily mustered into action in Gibson valley, the location of one of the earlier outbreaks in the United States of America. He was sent there to quell, if not contain, the outbreak. It was supposed to be simple, just build a wall, and then bring on the zombies. Of course, it went wrong, just as Murphy had predicted.

It was due in no small part to the massive buildup of bodies at the Kaufman dam. They had no effect on the water, (other than what one would expect from rotting corpses) but the army figured that they were all dead, and just dumped them. Not all of them were dead. Cpl. Alan Lott can attest to that. Lott was dumping bodies, and one of them bit him. No one knew this until he started eating his buddies. James Barely managed to get out alive, and even luckier to get out with a Humvee and some supplies.

The only thing he didn't have was another person with him. James survived on his own for several months. He eventually reached a radio station in some small-ish coastal town called west point, and fiddled with it until he figured out that it still worked, and he could transmit messages. He did so, and he eventually attracted an army unit that was gathering people in an attempt to clear out an infested air force base, and use an airplane to fly itself to Utes Island, where it believed a somewhat large settlement to be found. They eventually cleared out the heavily infested airfield, taking heavy casualties; someone staged their last stand in the control tower, and a good amount of the (mostly full) hangars. Only 5 out of the original 10 made it, the pilot and copilot included.

They had to wait at the airfield for two more months before they found anyone that could even try to fly a plane. They found some guy who took flying lessons a few years ago, but hasn’t really used it since. “It’s better than nothing” they said. James was quite dubious that this plan would work, but all of his army buddies were going, and he’d rather not stay alone for as long as he could (he hated those few months after Gibson valley). The flight as a whole went well, except without the aid of satellites, all the amateur pilot had to go by was a direction, and that direction was slightly off. Not enough for his amateur eyes to notice, but enough to bring them wildly off course.

They ran low on fuel somewhere near chernarus , so they had to put down on a highway near the coast. They landed with relatively little damage to the plane, except for clipping the propellers on some broken down cars. Between their airfield clearing and taking off for Utes (but landing NEAR chernarus), the group had gained three members. Out of The eight of them, James and a PVT Sharpe were the only people with any military background; James being the leader due to his higher rank. Eventually, James and his group were besieged by bandits (they had set up a small camp outside of chernarus), and James was the only one to survive, because he played dead.

Skills:vehicle repair, shooting,operating, and maintaining rifles

Downfalls: Being a non-native, and having not been there very long, James has relatively little knowledge of the terrain of chernarus

Three words that would describe him : pseudo-narcissist, honorable, and smart

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