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KOS at balota killer please step forward

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I was at balota airfield, I had just spawned and found a bizon SD. I was pretty happy. Then I heard a car and someone hitting things with something, like an axe. Then a man ran towards me while I was in the ATC and hit me in the face. He did not say anything, just come up and killed me. I was still alive and he knew it, he let the zombies come in and eat me( there were only three) he could have killed them and bandaged me. But he didn't, he just " on no, no ,no and then i died. Would the man in the camo pilot out fit with the helmet please step forward and tell your side of the story?

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This isn't the right place for this, if you want them to come foward then please make a report discussion instead of a thread on the DayZRP Mod Discussion.


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