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JoshuaTetlys - Underage Gimmic app - Lets see what you people think :)

Guest joshuatetlys

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Guest joshuatetlys

Hello, My name is josh Robertshaw, I am 15 and live in England. I'm achieving good grades in school and hope to become a Rotary pilot no matter what the cost. I wish to join DayZ Rp at the age of 16, Using the below Details....


Ign: Tetlys

Pre-Joined groups: 2MRB(TeirZero), Handits, DawnGaming

Youtube: www.youtube.com/joshuatetlys

Age: 15

Country: England

Language: English

Hobbies: Regional Marksman (No8 22 Rifle), Youtube, Gaming, Tech Support/admin, Water Polo (RTC, North East England Water Polo Squad) Swimming, Swimming Coach.

Subjects: Chemistry, Physics, Sports Leadership


Hello, My name is Sir Joshua Tetlys. I have lived in Russia for the most part of my life, growing up in central England and living in the country until the age of 16, by this time I was shipped of to aviation school, flying with the best and brightest the world has ever seen. I am no hero, no superman. But my life so far has certainly been a gentleman's. From the age of 18 I have been a poet, writing only the shorts here and there. I began my life in a small industry home in a country town called Elland, near Halifax in Yorkshire. My Family were wealthy and well fed. My father an electrician running a small business repairing reject machines. My mother a middle school teacher. My real life began in Russia, I had never worked so hard in my life until I joined the RAF. I would spend hours on those fields, Towing my craft in and out of hangers before spinning up my rotors for a long flight to the mainlands. The soldiers here were, Different.... We worked for an old man in his late fifty's, His chest slender and plump, arms short and far. Soldiers here had no turmoil, no regrets. If soldiers here were given a mission they would do it. they have spared neither strength nor effort, life, nor limb, nor health, nor rest. All that men can give—courage, self-sacrifice, devotion, heroism, unremitting toil, heartbreaking privation. I as they said, was corrupt. strange to the rest of the men here. I sat with my legs high in my boots, My jump soot clean not covered in blood.

at just 21 I was sent to war, sent under the command of these critical brutes of the iron nation. I was given no chances, No reconciliation, after the war path of 98 I was never going to work with hem again. Women after child after husband these soldiers cut down all those who oppressed them, If these people diffident agree, they were killed.

after 8 weeks of fighting I had had enough, Mutiny was the only way out of this act of hell. my sanity all hope of reconciliation was gone. This left my legs crippled and arms broken, Upon returning to that cold hard concrete cage of an airfield, I was fired upon. Shot in both my arms, and my right knee, leaving me crippled for a number of months. I was locked in a small notepad bunked below an island to the south of Chernarus. here I was torched, brainwashed into the metal ideas of the unclear iron allegiance. Russia had broken me. When the infection broke out I was left locked in here for weeks before I finally pulled out my brace and picked that lock. No words could describe the crisis I had just walked into. I was better off in the cage.

Thank you for reading, all views and ideas appreciated, feel free to suggest your ideas for my app.

Thanks a lot, Tetlys.

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  • Emerald

Looking nice dude, I would put MUCH more detail into it since you have time on your hand. This would ensure you would be accepted and also the better the application the higher you move up the waiting list.

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Guest Daniel Millar

It's a good application, though you could detail the story a bit more, what war was your character sent into? Did he fight in Operation Red Harvest, etc. Also, you could correct the grammar and spelling problems, just run it through a spell check and you should be fine.

Other than that, interesting character and backstory, I wish you luck when you complete the full application when you come of age at 16.

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This is looking really good! Good idea to post it on the forums in preparation. Hope to see you in game when you are 16! I would advise donating €5 when you apply. There are so many whitelist apps at the moment and you could be waiting sometime and donating will bump you up in the que, you can also get a skin which suits your character background with that so alls good.

Fair play to you for not applying anyway and lieing about your age good to see you've read the rules!

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