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My Backstory

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Guest YanickStatsman

Hi guys, I’d love to join this community and help in any way I can to develop the relations between all of our characters.

Jean Desjardins

Born in 1991. From Montreal, Canada.

I’ve never had to struggle in my life. I did the same thing as most people I grew up with. School, extra-curricular activities then on to university and then get a job. Fortunately, I was the son of the owner of an international plane corporation located near my hometown. I learned how to pilot planes and helicopters at a very young age. I of course got my official certification and spent years with my dad in his factory learning. Oh how he was proud!

After graduating from Laval University, my father pulled some strings and I was offered a position as a candidate in the federal election. Being a Political Science Major, I happily agreed and ended up running a successful election. With my nice salary, I got a nice cozy office and spent 2 years doing nothing but listening to old white men and playing video games late into the night in my office. In my last year of office, I’ve grown tired of the monotonous routine so when the Minister of Labor positioned opened up I applied and was sent around the world to learn about the subject. This led me to the Russian industrial region of Chernarus…

We arrived on Monday and for the entire week we met tons of people and learned about Cherno and Elektro. Being French, the language barrier was definitely an obstacle with some of these men. On Friday, being done with the PR bu****it, we rented a plane and I flew me and my assistant Henri deep into the north for some fishing. After a nice weekend, we decide to fly back and regardless of the warnings from our local guide, we take the scenic route. We were flying about 3 miles outside of Cherno when we spotted massive amounts of smoke. The guide had mentioned some local tensions involving the mayor and his relation his the workers union so we assumed they had burned industrial materials or something.

Upon landing, we started hearing scream coming from the control tower. I radio up there but all we hear is a terrifying scream. We start to get the chills and Henri takes out the CZ rifle he had bought for hunting just in case some men had decided to storm the airfield. Just as I turned on the engine to try and move the plane to give us a better view of the entire airfield, someone, no something rushed us and managed to drag Henri from the plane. I grab the loaded rifle and head towards the hangars to save my friend. I walk away from the roaring engine and I’m instantly struck by the sound. I hear no screams coming from my friend so I fear the worst. I try as best as I can to compose myself and start walking towards the hangar. As I turn the corner, he is standing up seemingly having a conversation in some unknown language with the attacker. He twitches to the left just far enough for me to see his Adams apple replaced with a bloody gash. I don’t know what happened. I just lost my shit. I ran to the plane and grabbed my small trail bag and split.

I’ve been running through the woods for a few days now. I managed to grab the leftover cartridges from the plane and a few supplies. I have a map but I know nothing about navigating through these forests so I’ve had to depend on the far away screams and gunshots to locate any remnants of society. Tomorrow I WILL return to Balota. I WILL get my plane. I WILL fly home.

I’ve been saying this for three days now. Wish me luck.

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