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Robber desync


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Today I was robbed by a guy in Devil's Castle (think his name was Dahamys or something). I had to put down all of my weapons and my backpack on top of the tower and he forced me to get out of the castle. He followed me outside and told me to stop near a crashed plane. Than he ran away in a wierd way.

At this time I thought it was just a little bug and he would leave me there to die.

after waiting for half a minute I dragged myself back to my stuff and got out of the castle as fast as possible.

Now I remember that characters often behave strange and run at a straight line (like he did) when they get desynced and I think he was.

I'm very sorry dude.

Now to my question: Did I act right? Should I wait the next time till he gets on the server again? Because it's not his fault that he desynced so I was basically using a bug for my advantage (even without realising it at this moment). The rules are not very clear on this.

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Aye, the rules are kind of a grey area here, though from what I know, if something happens to either the victim or the robber in a situation like this, you're basically free to take advantage of it, though most consider it rude, as often people would rather finish the roleplay.

However, nothing that you had done has really been outlined as wrong, unless this has changed recently.

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If he didn't log back on I don't see how it was your fault.

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Yeah. The problem is, that you usually get spammed with those "got kicked by Battleeye" messages, that you ignore them after a time. I don't know if one was displayed when he left me but checking the player list is a good idea .

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