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Server time (UTC): 2023-01-26 22:14


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So the past couple of days on s3 i have had a issue with what i believe to be dysnc

Yesterday i saw a UAZ at S-GRU bend with no one in it so i got in and all of a sudden im at the t-junction just outside gorka surrounded by about 6 people asking what im doing

Today was the worst my friend got robbed at the NWAF so i tried to defend him i shot at around 30m away with my l85acog and none of the bullets hit no matter who or what i shot and no one could see where i was and were not aware that i was trying to shoot them , my friend also said he could not hear shots

During all of this i was at my normal connection of 45ms on the server

What could the problem be because its confusing me and messing things up in important situations

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Guest The Nightmare

It could be server desync. Thats the only other thing i could think of if ghostviking wasnt right. If the server is nearly or already is full then it could easily be server desync.

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