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The story of Martin 'Marist' Shack

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Martin Chatrč. The name I was given on birth in my motherland, the Czech Republic. The name I have not heard in a long time, not in its original form at least. It seems a lot longer than it actually was.

At the age of 21, a year before graduating from microbiology at CTU, I enrolled for military. I always proclaimed it was due to all the hell that was happening overseas, that I cared for innocents and wanted to help stabilise peace, but to be honest I was not that guy, not at that time at least. It was just because of love.

Shortly after we've finished our training, me and all the other boys from our unit set sail for the lands of red. Red was sun, red was ground soaking with blood and red was the color in those savages eyes, minds and hearts. Comunists. Half of them dying for ideals they believed in, the others given no other chance as their officeers were "encouraging" them with a gun in the back. Our unit was assigned to assist US medical department in the UN southern base, which was about as far from the battlefield as it could get and I was grateful for that. It was there I got my new name , Shack (translation of my surname) and the nickname, Marist, which was given to me because of my huge disagreement with violence and war and is a short form of "Marinal priest".

The love I mentioned was towards the most beautiful and wittyful creature I've ever met, Barbora. She was all I have ever dreamed of and ever since I met her I knew I will do anything to get her. She was aware of her qualities and did not seem very interested in me for quite some time, and to be as manly as one can, I joined the army. Somehow (thanks heavens) she found out and started to indicate she was very fond of me. Before my departure I managed to make her my bride-to-be.

After several months the war seemed to slowly drift to its end. Being of little use, I managed to get permission to leave for five days, even though I was not allowed to leave reach of US marinal officeers. There was a big harbour called Chernogorsk where US marinal ships refueled and reloaded, which was about half of the way to the Czech Republic so me and Barbora met there. You can imagine how happy I was to see her again. We had amazing time hiking in the beautiful nature of Chernarus, which did remind me of my homeland a lot, until that day.

For two days Barbora said she didn't feel so well, but because of my excitement and low temperatures outside I didn't pay much attention to that. We had only five days after all. But I was mistaken. Nothing could prepare me for what happened, not even the terrors of war.

Barbora was not the only one who turned into that thing, the infection seemed to spread extremely fast and soon I could not stay in the city anymore as it was swarmed. That is when I lost trace of her. Before wondering into the wilderness I managed to grab many medical supplies from millitary stash as well as some research equipment. Even though I did not graduate yet, I am determined to find a cure for this disease, even if I had to stay here forever. Barbora, please, stay alive...

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