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Guest Jessemac

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Guest Jessemac

I am extremely interested in applying for this whitelist as the Youtuber "Immortal HD" has been role playing in this server and posting videos about his story on it which gives back what DayZ should be and what always should've been.

My Person's Bio

Dean Williams Age:24

After graduating from Charles Sturt University in Australia majoring in Accounting and Finance I found out via my colleagues that there is a major demand for Accountants in the state of Chernarus which is in Russia. I jumped right into the idea of flying to another country and in which saw me say goodbye to dear-loved friends in Australia. It was a very emotional day when I left everyone behind to chase the job that I worked 3 years for to get the degree

After an exhausting trip to Chernarus, the plane arrived at the destination of Balota Airstrip. Hoping that my russian was up to standard and that I didn't forget anything (as I usually do), I hastily made my way to a bus which was heading towards the city of Chernogorsk where I was staying to work. I met a man who was called Aleksander Vorschezny who was Manager of the International Hotel in the city. My job was to manage accounts of employees and ensure finances of the business were making profits. I said to myself when I got the job "This is what 3 years of working my ass off got me to, don't screw this up"

A few months have passed since this time and I was enjoying my job and still missing home (as most people would). But one day, there was more commotion then usual. I see from my office that people are afraid of something and running. I turn on the television and see that there is an emergency for something, knowing that I don't speak fluent russian I call Aleksander and ask him what is happening. I initially think that there are war problems or signs of terrorism but he says to me in a panicked voice, "a virus has spread and is infecting everyone over chernarus and this virus is turning them into cannibals".I automatically respond to him, "lets get the fuck outta here".

We met on the ground floor of the building, our plan was to get the airport in Balota and leave Chernarus forever, but this wouldn't be the case, the Chernarussian army was everywhere and blocking off all the City's entries and exits. They were scanning and checking everyone for the infection, as Aleks and I came close to one of the exit gates out of the city, we see that we may get out of this alive. We pass through with no signs of infection (thank god for that). As we arrived at Balota, we see that helicopters and planes are there ready to take the uninfected away. But as we go through more checks, a woman screams and points at a flaming plane on a collision course with the airfield. Well knowing that this plane has those infected things on it, I convince Aleks that we run from the area as quickly as we can. As we leave the town of Balota, we hear an explosion which is deafening. The flaming plane crashed into several aircraft, killing hundreds of people in its destructive wake. I watch this..... horrified about what I had just seen. I try to block it out and head towards the next town along the coast for safety, Aleks informs me that the town is called Komarovo and in which will be somewhere safe to stay until help arrives and takes me back home to Australia.

The next morning, I hear the same sort of screams in Komarovo. I thought to myself "this virus is spreading quickly, its now here. Oh god." I go outside to look and I see something eating a person, is it an infected person? It is an infected person, it looks like some of the person's skin has peeled and rotted away...... like a zombie.

I also hear a scream from the house that Aleks and I stayed in. Aleks was being eaten alive by an "zombie". I couldn't just watch someone die like that, I find a kitchen knife and kill the zombie, stabbing it many times in every part of it's body. I see my employer, my friend, laying there... clutching towards death. He tells me to come him, he whispers to me, "You'll be alright Dean, get away from here and go back home..... please". Aleks draws his final breath before finally passing away. I get very emotional... I sob and break down like I lost one of my family. I pull a table cloth over his body and say my final goodbye to him.

I know now that I am alone and that I need to find people to work together and get out of here as quickly as I can. I am not a man of God but..... I pray that I can go home and see my family again.[/size][/font]

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Hello there, While you're waiting for your whitelist to be approved, I suggest you take a look at these tutorial to get yourself prepared for the adventure that is DayzRP, Hope to see you ingame.




Welcome to the community - Simiskovich

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