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whats up yall! just joined in - with character bio

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Hey everyone, I hope one day I can role play along with you guys but the white listing isn't public still, so I've been working on my character bio the last couple days trying to polish it as much as I could. To me it seems like something is wrong or missing with the bio,so helpful criticism would be much appreciated, if anybody's willing to read a super long bio that is.

Former Lt. Deitrich Ruben Age:26

Enlisting in the United States Navy straight out of High School I matured faster and learned new skills being a patrol boat captain. I had my close friend SSgt. John Pravens in my unit under my command and a good crew. We were stationed in Long Beach, California Naval Base. I lived off base with my wife and 3 year old daughter while he lived in the Barracks getting ready to buy his own house in Bremerton, Washington where he would help raise his 7 year old daughter and younger son that he always talked about. We’d known each other since Senior Year of High School and decided to become Navy men, defend our nation and travel. Times were fun, barbecues every New Year and Fourth of July brought me satisfaction while it lasted.

The outbreak Began in the Soviet Union from a genetic research catastrophe I heard, and NATO forces were sent to contain it, but it spread like wildfire through Europe, Asia and Africa. The Virus created had a hard time spreading across the ocean giving us 3 days layaway from the start of the outbreak, Global Operation Quarantine was a failure. The United States was being Cautious to the point many moved to the country side, but not enough as it started spreading through South California. I was sleeping on the Couch in the living room after Marathoning movies and falling asleep, then sirens woke me up; I put on my gas mask, as they were being given out by the government these days for precaution. I ran upstairs to warn the family to put on their mask and told them to pack food, water, and first aid kit and get in the car as I got my assault rifle, pistol and got the car started.

The plan was to get out of the city as fast as possible. We headed toward the naval base, which seemed the safest idea at the time, however when we got there; there was a line of cars at the front gate. We were told to abandon our vehicles and so we went up to the line of people who were getting virus checked to enter the base. Just as we were nearing the front of the line, the back of the line was starting to get attacked by the zombies much faster and threatening than the ones in any Romero Movie. My friend SSgt John Pravens showed up just in time with a response force and pleaded with the guard on duty to let us through fast, he let us pass and told us to wait at the dockyard for him and have any found crew members help load the patrol boats for evacuation just in case. After the boats were loaded with supplies John showed up and told us the base was secure for the most part, we were ordered to hold the base till reinforcements came.

I secured my family and did my share on duty for 14 days, the Air virus passed on and vanished leaving walking infected and made life easier though no reinforcements showed up at the Docks. The Base took its final beating when the gates were sabotaged that night and a horde of the chomper’s swarmed the base, my wife and child had gotten bit and killed in my absence as we were on a survivor search and rescue that day. When we got back, the base was still in military hands but took a big hit as its defenses were down; my commanding officer gave me the bad news. I still remember the sad pain burying them and the failure of not being able to protect them. Me and John came up with a plan to leave the base on one of the patrol boats, we took 3 willing men with us, 2 Navy men and a Marine who wanted to see his family just as much as john, I just wanted to get away from the painfully memories lingering in that base and begin anew by helping others from a dreadful fate even if it meant going AWOL.

We got away without much trouble and traveled up the west coast stopping at Oregon to drop off Cpl. Beckman on to our main goal, Bremerton Naval Yard, hopefully John and the Marine; Sgt. Collins could find their wives and children, safe especially since they were stuck at the naval base for 3 weeks unable to be there for them we they were needed most. It seemed Bremerton didn’t have too much luck compared to Long Beach, there were signs people made it out on some of the stationed ships and boats and many others that weren’t so lucky. Sgt. Collins found his wife in town and along with the other navy man Pvt. Cruz decided to go find the survivor camp at Forks.

Shortly after on our way returning to the boat, we decided to scavenge some of the abandoned ships supplies, John found his family, but not the way he wanted to see them. They were dead in a locked room. There was a pistol and after 3 weeks trapped in a ship, they gave up hope and the mother killed her family then herself. There was a diary on the floor his daughter was holding, he read it and I saw he was full of the look I had seeing my family dead but it seemed even more intense on him after he read the diary, in it his daughter Janneth wrote “Day 5: I miss Daddy, Mommy said the supplies are going down and we are still trapped, she still thinks we are going to be saved” and went on to more horrifying entries that made him wish he’d left the base earlier. It took him a while to grieve and we decided to sail to the soviet Union, the root of the Catastrophe to find any sort of closure to lost men, on our way there, the motors died, we ran out of gas, and running low on food and water made the situation all the more worse. Lost in the cold northern pacific John began losing it, and one morning, day 44, he wanted to be with his family again so badly he decided to end everything with a pull of a trigger. I lost my best Friend, the only person left of my old life, and I felt like an empty shell not able to take my life, even though I wanted to see my family again and end this suffering as well. The day after John died, I thought I could finally do it, only to find land up ahead, hope, a sign! I saw nothing but forest, the Land of Chernaurus looked so dreadful yet safe and I thought the worst was behind me, little did I know my despair had only begun.

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