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Rubble rendering in problems....

Guest funnyfacegaming

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Guest funnyfacegaming

I was driving along the novy road at night not really weary of what was going on and suddenly a car renders in my face and I crash and blow up. Is there any way to get my gear back / car or fix this that is completely unfair and it has happened to me at least 4 times. It's not even rp at all in real life rubble cant render in your face maybe reducing the amount of rubble could make it not render in your face? Either way is there any way to get my stuff back -_____-

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  • Emerald

This happens to a lot of people, all I can say really is, if the road looks to clear or you remember seeing rubble there before, maybe slow down a little bit to give rubble time to load in or go offroad.

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Guest Generic Name

I once was in Stary and saw a betty van parked with a body beside it. I went to check the body and a roadblock spawned right on top of me. I'm guessing the same thing happened to the poor fellow, happens way too often.

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I thought that you could return to your body in event of an in-game bug killing you?

Yeah, you can't ask the admins to reset your gear (well you can, but they'll ignore you) when you die from a bug... but breaking the NLR rule to grab your gear is generally tolerated if it really was a bug that killed you, and you weren't in combat, and it really was an accident, etc...

Only go full speed on roads where you've memorized the debris placement, so you can dodge them even if they haven't spawned yet!

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My rubble doesn't load when im in cars.... so i just drive straight though towns. :D

Stop exploiting the game engine.

(just kidding)

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