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Ban Appeal - NLRx2 Trollingx1 - Xeovas

Guest Xeovaswow

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Guest Xeovaswow

Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-bad-rp-nlr-break-s2-altar-castle


Why the verdict is not fair : Okay, so I originally did not see the verdict *was asleep while banned* and I wanted to eventually make a ban appeal because I really like the server, anyways getting to the point. My first encounter with the original report was in Altar when I saw Cruton (I kinda hated him OOC because of previous incidents) so I was in the castle's tower and called him a faggot, around 3-4 times. Yes this was stupid and I shouldn't have done it but I apologized and I am definetly not homophobic and when they said they had a gay person in there squad I felt really bad and felt the need to apologize right after the incident occured, yes I could not speak for my actions said in the formal report. Moving onto the NLR part of the first report, Basically what happened was once I was killed by Jedediah I spawned right inside the gatehouse (a known glitch by the admins) and decided why not have a little fun before the night is over? So I walked into the castle and sat down near the mats on the left side of the castle, everyone surrounded me and we all had fun while I was doing my chinese accent. Eventually it came to the point where they asked me for ID and I simply denied IC and when they asked OOC I replied and they told me you have to leave, I said okay and I left no questions asked, no arguing nothing what so ever. Now this was over the time of 3-4 minutes I do not believe that should be worth a NLR breaking as its merely just 4 minutes of talking with people and going no where near my dead body at all. Now moving onto the second report of NLR. Okay so basically there was a hatchet fight, I won one and then this cowboy guy that kept on saying this is sick and you should not do this eventually got forced to fight and when he did we both lost. so about three hours after I died in that fight my friend picked me up in a GAZ and took me to Altar, my body was totally looted and I was there for about another hour, hour and a half until Jedediah and someone named Karl came along and searched the bodies after 4-5 hours of my death and said you are breaking NLR gtfo. I kept on stating that the body was 4-5 hours old and I found Altar legitemently and they said something along the lines of it could ruin roleplay. Now I have been here for an hour and a half and no one has yet to complain except these two people that just entered the camp around 2 minutes ago and said this is bad roleplay.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : I would like to make some additional statements about the formal reports made against me. For one I did apologize over three times directly to Cruton and also over the reports. I also want to make the statement about the NLR in the first report was that I was only there for 5 minutes and these people reported me for NLR just because of that, I mean I could've walked out but I literally logged out 10 minutes later. Lastly I would like to talk about the second NLR report. Jedediah reported me of NLR in the Formal Reports section even though he did not know the time frame of the death and just went straight formal. The MINIMUM time of NLR is 90 minutes stated by Osaka "You can see that we keep to the NLR rule for a minimum of 90 minutes.If you respawn near your body you are to leave as fast as you can possibly run, or immediately log out and switch servers. "

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : I dont want to be perma-banned because I really enjoyed the server with the time I played and I would atleast want to get a temporary ban maybe 9 days or even a month. Now the reason I am not saying a total unban is because I did break the rules by calling Cruton a faggot because of OOC hatred and that should defenietly not be tolerated and I understand that.

What could you have done better? Instead of using OOC hatred IC I could've figured out a way to take out my anger that I had against Cruton IC, such as if I ran into him and he robbed me, etc. For the NLR rule breaks I do not have a statement as I do not believe that they should even be considered.

Thank you for the reading the appeal and I hope you now understand fully my point of view, Also if this could be taken into teamspeak it would be even greater as I personally believe sorting something out voice to voice is better. Again I am sorry for the homophobic comments and I seriously hope I achieve an unban!

-Dimitri "Fernando Sucre" Xeovas

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The behavior should have never happened, I appreciate that your are apologetic now. However these actions are so poor we expect our player-base to have the good sense to not do them in the first place. These action deserve the full punishment you were given.

For this your appeal is denied.

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