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Announcement of another newcomer.

Guest Sidhion

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Guest Sidhion

My name is Sidhion. Sidhion Suiadan Eluneí.

I have my roots in the Scandinavian country of Sweden.

Being a bit of an intellectual savant, I soon grew tired of public school and dropped out. This was a huge disappointment to my parents, which lead to a dreary grudge between us that ultimately tore the family apart.

Around the age of 15 my parents died in a car accident.

Short of a proper education and no way to provide for myself, I was forced to enlist.

I made it through the training, but... In the field I finally went AWOL.

Never been one for blindly obeying orders.

But it seems that I did so at a most opportune time; my squad was labeled "KIA at the hands of rabies infected individuals".


I was abroad when shit hit the fan.

Despite how it looks, I see this as a new chance for humanity and to realize my life's ambition; to create a new society that would benefit all, without racism, without crime and without poverty.

Either way, I had nothing that was pulling me back to my home country, and with a mind like mine combined with military training, the only thing I'm having difficulties with...

...is finding an obstacle I can't overcome...

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