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I don't know why I got banned?

Guest Dis7rictX

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Guest Dis7rictX

When I tried to log in it says I got banned for power gaming which I am not understanding how I was power gaming.

1. The verdict is not fair because I don't understand how I was power gaming. When he told me to drop my tools I dropped them. I complied to everything he said.

2. This few guys picked me up from Altar and said they were going to give me a ride. So I hopped in the Mi-17. They landed me in the middle of the field and robbed me. They said to drop my tools and other items and I did drop my tools. Now I got banned for Power Gaming.

3. What I would like to achieve in this ban appeal is to get unbanned.

4. Some of the things that I think I could of done better is to check the forums often to see if I got a report or a message.

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Guest Dis7rictX

Please be a little more complete. You got banned for not responding to TWO reports (see the PM I've sent you after you asked me about it).

Please state your PoV on these two reports.

I was running to the compound while I heard people shooting. I saw them shooting and it was towards my friends. I went on the radio and I heard that they were being shot at. So I decided to take action and killed the men who were shooting at them. My friends name is James and Chris.I believed that my friends were being shot at because the bullets were landing beside them. Since the bullets were landing beside them, I went on the radio and asked if that was them being shot. So I decided to take action and kill the men that were shooting. When I killed the men and I checked the dayzrp forums and I was reported for Kos which is not true.

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  • Legend

Your friends were NOT being shot at.

Also you never explained to me, what were their in game names?

I have checked and I see no-one named James even close to the location where the Desalination plant is located 4 minutes before you took your first shot. Neither is there a James anywhere near after the event, not hit logs were recorded of him being shot at.

As is stands all evidence indicates that is a lie. I must tell you now that unless you are fully frank with us the fact that you also have two reports against yourself is strong grounds for your permanent removal.

Here are the appropriate reports:




Jack Borrino (4x RDM, Metagaming, 2x Lying in reports): Guilty.


4x RDM and Lying -

We have conclusively proven that not only did no-one shoot at your friend as you claim. The shooting that happened at this time was aimed at the horde of zombies I had spawned. Not only this but even more damning the name of the friend you did give did not in any way matched anyone within kilometers of the desalination plant. This indicates and conclusively proves that in fact the entire story was in fact fabricated to avoid punishment.

Metagaming and Lying -

We have conclusively proved that the OP was in fact correct and you only dropped 2 out of all of your tools. After being frisked you managed to hold onto and conceal the following items.

1. Watch

2. Matches

3. Compass

4. Military Flashlight

5. Map

6. Toolbox

7. Hatchet

8. Knife

We find the consistent patterns of lies and deceit to be severely problematic, as such since it is apparent you cannot be trusted to place correctly and with fairness in mind the following applies.


Jack Borrino (4x RDM, Metagaming, 2x Lying in reports): Permanent Ban.

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