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Ability to set skins as default?


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Sorry i was unsure if this has been suggested before but i was wondering if it is possible to allow players to set a default skin so that they do not have to log onto the forums to re-activate it on the donation exchange upon death each time. It would just be more convinent for everyone especially the people that die alot :)

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  • Titanium

Supported +1

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  • MVP

It's something we could definitely look into.

I'd imagine all we'd have to do is create a new table/column that stored the name of a skin of a user, and then throw a check in the code to retrieve the skin from the database and apply it to the player as they load in/create. We could set this table/column value with a script in the Donations Page as well.

Easier said than done though, and it's something Rolle himself would do, the developers or myself wouldn't be able to help.

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  • Emerald

I like the idea, but remember that new features always mean new bugs. The current system does not require a huge amount of work from us if we want to activate a skin...

Besides, how often do you die if this is an actual problem?

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  • Sapphire

Great idea! +1

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The problem with this, is that Rolle himself would have to create and update the Database. He's incredibly busy as is, so we'd get a ton upon ton of threads going: "How come my skin isn't defaulted yet?!"

Overall, too much extra workload for Staff, Rolle in particular.


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