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The Altar Revolt accidental grenade

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So as there was an attack at Altar me and a lot of other civs were attacking alongside SKA, the fight is still ongoing as of this post, and in the attack I was given a grenade as a gift to fight, later on I was at the edge of the gateway with a man and his 501st hostage, I was being chased by zeds at the time and so when I went to shoot the zeds near these hostages, it turned out I had a grenade selected... not the best on my part I know but I'm extremely sorry for the 2 people that died from it. I hope this makes it up to you, and may or may not highlight my lack of intelligence in combat.

I know one man was called johnny, I can't be sure of full names, I was shot almost instantly afterwards

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I would suggest adding in the names of the people that were killed. It just might save you a formal/report discussion

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I can't blame you for doing that, I have killed myself the same way several times, it's still a better system then ARMA3 thou.

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