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The Traveler is not dead!?! WHAT IS THIS!

The Traveler

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The RP of this community is lacking in quite a few areas... it is something I had come to accept and even respect ... which was wrong of me I know, but what was I suppose to do?!?

Well... Now I know the answer... with the abrupt departure of Morgan Riggs from the RSM and DayZRP in general... it means that I am gonna have to be the guy to stand up and say NO!

I have had enough of the bad robberies and the settlement raids... enough of the people who would rather hide from others rather than actually roleplay.

SO, as a pledge to this community I swear that I am going to make things right... and try my damn hardest to bring back the roleplay that made this server so special to me and to the majority of you!

But I can't do that as Raziel Martelus... hell.. I can't even do it as Andrew Washington....

*sighs*... I thought I had gotten rid of him for good but... I CAN do it as the Traveler...

That is right... as of today the Traveler is going to be brought out of retirement...




The Traveller died as he lived... saving as many people as posible...

With the S-Gru threatening to hunt down and kill those in his group "the travelers" and all those they had helped over the past few years, The Traveler opted to hand himself over to the S-Gru for execution... saving both his friends and all those whom had came for his aid...

Dying as a loyale friend, and a true hero of the wastes....

However... the real hero in the hour of the Traveler's death was none other than Free Medic Derek Steel....

For , when asked to move the "corpse of the Traveler" the young Dr Steel found something he hadn't expected to find on the body...

A pulse...

*To be continued in the RP section later today :D*

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