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Problem Joining Servers

Guest Zem

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Well after Being un-perma banned i was still banned for 40~minutes in game. later i talked to sin and i assume he unbanned me because when i tried to join the server i didn't get a ban message but instead it said i was not white-listed.

i obviously should still be white-listed because my ban was revoked after about 3 days. however i don't know what i need to do in-order to rectify this situation, could any Staff members help me with this please?

[EDIT:] Disregard this post it can be closed now Leon is a genius just had to re-enter my guid

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Check the whitelist page, it will tell you if you are still whitelisted to our servers.

Revoking a ban should not prevent you from playing since it does not un-whitelist you.

It might depend on the offence you did. I recommend sending a pm to one of them or try to catch them on ts3.


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  • Emerald

Sounds like you got unwhitelisted by accident perhaps.

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