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[JESSICA] You see a note on the entrance to the Raven's Nest

The Traveler

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Dear Jessica and those whom have been in here company whom, by some miracle, might be able to give her this message,

I am sorry for being so abrupt with my questioning... it has been a long time since I have to take the subtle aproach with anyone... let alone someone in need...

I hope by the time you read these words that you have understood that the wounds caused by this outbreak, both physically and otherwise, are all cureable... no matter how hopeless they may look...

And , allthough you do not see it now, I hope you can come to terms with the fact that some people want to expose these wounds, not to harm you or make you vunerable, but to show you... make you understand that... there is nothing that not all wounds have to cause pain... not when there is someone there to get you through it...

Think about these words long and hard after you have read them and, if you feel like it is time to have someone there to hold you up strong as you confront these wounds from your past... then contact me on this frequency // Frequency on TS here// and we can arrange to meet face to face :-)

Many Regards,

Raziel Martelus

AKA: Someone who cares...

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//You need to make this kind of threads on the Roleplaying forum.

I know but it sucks for this is physically the best way to get in contact xD (do not know her TS name and it might make for some interesting RP :D )

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