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Leaving for now.

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I've gotten less and less time on my hands really and I can say that while DayZRP is really fun, it does indeed require allot of time. I need to switch to something more casual for now, something I can drop at a moments notice to make sure that everything here in the real world is operating smoothly.

That and I've also been losing allot of love for DayZ, the limitations of the mod just make me want to cringe sometimes, but I'd like to congratulate the DayZRP dev team and staff for making the mod as good as it currently is so far, it really is an amazing leap forward and I'll be looking forward to seeing you in standalone.

That being said, I'm not leaving this community entirely, I'll still be around on the forums from time to time, but I haven't been active in the game for around a month, the novelty for me, the excitement, has for some reason worn off.

There's also a couple of people I want to thank for making my experience in DayZRP a brilliant one. Firstly all the people in [TWS] Or The Watchers, thank you, especially Sako, Stags and The Professor, your RP was some of the finest I'd ever experienced in a clan and focusing on that is definitely one of your major strong points. I'd also like to thank Ciaran Kelly for originally introducing me to this mod (May he rest in piece.) There's many other people I'm probably missing, but you should know who you all are.

I'll be sticking around to see if this moves to standalone, because I want in on that. :P

But for now, the DayZRP mod for the ARMA II Engine is just not on the cards for me anymore.

Goodbye in game peoples. :D

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I am sorry to hear you are going. I enjoyed every moment of RP with you and i hope to come across you soon. Keep in contact. Take care lad.

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Cya around, I know what you mean about dayzrp being hard to fit into a schedule, it can take hours for anything interesting to happen.

Anytime someone mentions kelldog I burst out laughing, I didn't know the guy at all but he left with more swag than winslow.

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It makes me sad that you left. I really enjoyed RP'n with you and I am glad that you enjoyed your time with the watchers. HOpe you come back and at least hope to see you when stand alone happens. Watchers will be there.

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Guest Tizi808

Bye. Hope you come back soon. Good luck man.



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