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Ban for following orders


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Link to report :

PsiSyndicate's report:


My PoV and Ban sentence:


Why the verdict is not fair & Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) :

I feel like I've been banned yesterday for doing what I had to IC.

Allow me to explain my situation:

I was in the back of the camp preventing from people sneaking in, I'll have a quickly made map from alter to show where I was. There was a load of rumbling and growling from within the camp which I overheard with PsiSyndicate and now and then I didn't listen for I had to shout at other people that I saw sneaking on the other side of the metal fence in the back of alter. A bit later there is a bit of silence for a good minute or so and then my commander came back, ordering me, for I had a large weapon with a long range scope on it (PKP) to help. I was ordered to shoot IC at PsiSyndicate with intention to kill.

I did not hear any initiation nor other discussion in the minute or so of silence and therefor thought that proper initiation was given. I think for me it was a case for Role-Play over Rule-Play.

If you would look at the footage of anyone you wouldn't see any person from Enclave with a PKP away from the back of Alter.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : Become unbanned, put away my banstrike and potentially regain my gear.

What could you have done better?

I could have asked over teamspeak but I sometimes mute it when there is stuff happening.

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It is your responsibility to make sure you are on good grounds to shoot the person. We do not allow you to push guilt onto another person, at the end of the day if you shoot you will be punished.

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It's standard procedure to punish the person who swings the sword. We've always considered it your own responsibility to make sure a kill is legit before pulling the trigger.

That's not changing now. If you want to take the risk and shoot, you should be ready to face the consequences.

Appeal denied.

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