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Say hello to Anton 'The Chef' Federov !

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My character background - also available to listen to on Youtube


You, you look at me, sizing me up, eh! well in this new world of ours who can you trust? I could be your enemy. Me, well you see, I look at you and I see opportunity!

I was a simple farmer, from Olsha, Black Lake country, I lost everything. When our neighbours stopped calling to trade I left my wife to visit the neighbouring farms and the horrors I saw changed me forever.

When I returned my wife was gone....

I spent the first months trekking in the hills North of Krasnostav and Gvozdno, taking only what I needed or what I thought was of value walking through empty village after village. Still no sign of my love. So I loaded up what I had and struck South, perhaps there would be news in the larger towns - who knows.

As I drifted South I started to meet people, like me, recovering from the incidents that had changed everything around us. I would be asked if I had items to trade, food, clothing, metal, even weapons.. Soon locals nicknamed me 'The Chef', I can not cook my friend but you see - sooner or later, I can get alllll the ingredients you need, no matter what *cough* you are baking!

So, now you know who I am - tell me my friend, what is it that you need?

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Guest ItsPavel

A drink.

Jokes aside, I think you could add events and the like, add a bit more and we'll talk ;)

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I like this. Love the video

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