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The Story of "Doctor" Bronson

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Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Name:Jason "Dr.Bronson" Orcel

Age: 24

Race: Hispanic

Pre-Outbreak Occupation: Drug Runner

Backstory: When I was 17 years old, Detroit was a rough place to live in, and my family needed cash, so I started running drugs for the gangs, it was nice, fast, dirty money. I made a lot of friends and enemies doing this, and I always carried my M1911 .45 ACP in my pocket, in case a cop or some crazy homeless shit tried to get the jump on me. When I was 23, still doing drug runs,the outbreak hit, nobody really cared, until it reached the U.S. It was hell, and Detroit was one of the first places to be hit. I got into a boat with a ton of stashed cocaine and my fellow gang members, and we were off. When we reached France, it was all the same as Detroit. And Russia. And Germany. And England. Everywhere had either gone to hell, or the military had sent us back. Finally, we crashed on the coast of a small country called Chernarus, not knowing this was the source of the outbreak. Within 1 hour of getting out of the boat, only two of us were left: me and my guard from Detroit, Gavin Murdoch. After that first day, we were out of ammo, starving, and looking for shelter. Soon after, a couple members who claimed they were part of a group called the 501st saved the two of us and brought us to a "safe" haven where we had been given free food, water, and medical supplies. Jason was caught attempting to steal an AK74 from this "safe" haven, and was executed soon after. I wish he hadn't been that stupid, and now I roam the wastelands alone, trying to avoid others. I never knew how it truly feels to be alone until everyone you know and love is gone forever.

very old story I made for another RP server with much less requirements awhile ago, for another game, so I changed locations and the last ending bit, and thats how the story was made. So don't act like its worthy enough of this server and say that it sucks, I wrote this in about 5 minutes 2-3 years ago.

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