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Kellin Siren

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This will be a civilian character, with no special training with weopons. I will try to roleplay this well.

Kellin was that Emo kid during high school. He listened to metal wasnt very social. With his few friends they made a band called Death Comes Quickly. They quickly became popular and began touring under a big record name. Kellin and his friends dropped out of school to live his career.

After releasing their fourth album they began a world tour to advertise it. Everyone thing went well until they where flying to Chernarus. When they landed they were greeted with the chernarussian army fighting of walkers. The band was in a refugee camp in Stary Sobor for a while till it was overrun. The band got separated when running away from the camp

Kellin managed to survive barely. He never managed to find his friends.

Will start roleplaying on the character 12/14/13

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