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Popping in to say Hello as long as my Character's story!

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My name is Ayreik Aventius. Its an odd name, but as good as any other name. I was born to Barbra Hunters and Allen Aventius, in a small farming community in rural Canada. Life was good, I spent my days playing in the fields with my dog Buck, and helping Auntie Lauren with the baking.

One day the cable companies had finally decided that our little community was "profitable" enough to bring out the cable lines. I always liked that word. Profitable. It shaped who I became as a teenager. Always looking for profit.

Our community didn't have any sort of schooling over Grade 9 and we were well off (relatively speaking) so I was sent away to the nearest city- Edmonton- that contained a high school. My friends back home would always ask me what it was like, and what could I really tell them? It was a city. It wasn't comparable to anything around our houses, except maybe the Grain Elevators, but those weren't Sleek or Fancy like the big city buildings. They asked me to bring them mementos and souvenirs for the city and I agreed. For a Profit.

Not one day after I finished high school I started my own business. Aventius Delivery. I would take down requests from the citizens in the tri-community area and head into Edmonton to purchase the goods they demanded. The markup with a modest 10% with a delivery fee of course, but these were busy farmers, so this was convenient and beyond helpful for them.

I met my wife, Emma during this profitable venture. She lived in the farthest town from me and I still remember the first time we met. She was a shy woman, stunning none the less. She was so timid, when she approached me. "Ex-excuse me Mr. Aventius. C-Could you get me something from the city?"

"Why sure beautiful, what could I get you?" She blushed profusely. I was always a charismatic character.

"O-oh thank you Mister. I'd really like one of those Dee Vee Dee players"

Our conversation took less than a minute, but I replayed those enchanting seconds through the entire trip to the city the next day. She was the first house I went to on my trip back home, despite her community being the farthest from mine. When I brought the boxed DVD player to her house, I remember her father opening the door.

"You're the Aventius boy, m'right?"

"Yes sir, I have a Delivery for Emma... Emma Farne? Am I saying that correctly"

He laughed heartily. I Miss his wholesome booming laughs.

"You sure are boy! Come in!"

How could I say no to the father of my future wife? That was seven years ago.

I was on my way to a small shipping partners conference in Moscow. After the conference I was supposed to meet Emma in Tokyo for our anniversary. I was always doing extravagant things for her. She wanted children so bad but the Doctors told me I had lots of unhealthy sperm, and I was unlikely to father a child. It was devastating to me and her, and It led to many nights of overindulgence of scotch. Those were rough times for her and I. As I was leaving Moscow post conference, that's when it happened. The "Blight" as they called it had escaped the middle east, and was pushing up into Mongolia and Turkey.I guess there was a man who was on a layover from Turkey, and he was infected. It was just like a scene from "Snakes on a Plane". You know the one where the really hot girl dies right at the start?

I woke up on a hospital bed. There was panic, I heard yelling. Some military personnel came in and closed the door. I couldn't hear the chaos outside my room any more.

"Hello son, glad to see you are awake. My name is Captain Vorchev" His accent was so thick it was hard for me to understand him at first. "Do you know where you are?"


"Welcome to Chenarus. Tell me, what happened aboard that plane of yours? We found you atop of a hay stack in the fields north of Sobor."

"I don't know much of what happened during the flight" I said, struggling "I just remember three things."

"Da, really? And what might those be?"


"Plane Crash"


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The driving motivation behind my character is to amass enough "wealth" to get him to Tokyo to search for his wife, Emma.

He is a trustworthy and reliable guy, provided he gets paid/makes a profit. He will often do what suits himself best as opposed to others.

Any Criticism/Ideas are appreciated.



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Guest Godclone

Hmmm... Not bad! Pretty good story.

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Guest Squidly

First welcome to the Community!

Next,I would work a bit more on the ending...

Kinda blunt and dosnt explain much of what happened on the flight.

Just touch on that,but other wise nice Story.

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Welcome to DayZRP! :D

I personally like the entire story, the ending is blunt yes, but it has a effect and makes you think, so yeah. I think it's a fantastic story, detailed well. However, I'd add a bit about Chernarus, maybe you were took in trucks across tHe Russian border and into the NWAF, it maybe you were being seen at the hospital in Cherno etc.

Great though, well done sir :P

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Thanks, appreciate it! I have a talent for stories, and I am also going to university for Journalism. I will take that into account guys!


Story reworked!

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Nice story , i also saw your recruitment post as well but cant seem to PM ya , might wanna check if you can receive PM,s ,it seems the option doesnt come up on your profile.


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