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Michael Stafford -------Back Story. Opinions welcome!

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My name is Michael, I was born in Harriman, Tennessee. I graduated High School. I worked as a welder in a muffler plant in a little town where I live. I joined the Marine Corps at the age of 20 and was a Scout Sniper. After the Marines I went to college and studied Biological Sciences and Biotechnology with a focus on Biological Warfare. I am an avid outdoors man, and I have a vast arsenal of knowledge of all trades! One could say I am a "Jack of All Trades". I am employed by a defense contractor from the United States.

Before the Outbreak or "DAY 1". I was on a oil rig off the coast of Alaska. I was sent there to aid a research team from a major oil company. Sorry I cannot disclose their name. But yeah, I was there to aid this research team to find out why this oil rig was not responding to attempts to contact them. With tensions high between the US and Russian Federation, my employer wanted to make sure that everyone on the oil rig was ok and that no government was trying to sabotage there investment. On arrival something didn't seem right. We noticed a real old USSR Supply ship had docked on the rig and no signs of life were present. It was like everything was dead in the water! Well we boarded the rig and found that everyone was missing except for blood! Blood was everywhere! and the smell ooh my god the smell...

At I first told the rest of my crew to "look for anyone alive, and for us to split into two groups". There was only four of us and so we split up. Me and my partner John was to scour the boat and the other two was to check the rig. John and I searched every inch of that boat and it looked in perfect shape, fuel food and even ammunitions. What seemed weird was it looked as if people were living on it like it was a last resort type of living space.

When all of a sudden we started hearing screaming and gunshots. We made our way to the top of the ship and seen our other team mate shooting a group of people that was trying to attack them. The people were acting all crazy and had blood all over them and one of them looked as if he did not have a arm or a lower jaw, but he was still moving! I started to freak out and John told me "hang on and get the boat started, and I will go help the others make it onto the boat". I said "ok" and John went to help.

I started the boat and looked out the window to see John running back to the boat all crazy like he seen a ghost. My eyes turned to see what he was running from. It was the mob of people and they were eating our teammates. They were carrying body parts, flailing them about and screaming at John. John got onto the boat and we got the fuck out of there.

While on the boat we tried every thing to get into contact with some one. I lost track of the days and nights because, up that close to Alaska you can have 3 months light and 3 months dark, time was lost for us. We travelled down the cost of Alaska and seen many towns burning and when we made it to Seattle, Washington we seen that it was all in flames and more of those "zombies". Yeah! me and John named them after the old movies we use to watch as kids.

Finally we got in contact with my wife. She works for a Bio pharmaceutical company and she informed me that a virus that came from the Russians had taken over the world and that she was in the fore front of it all. She told us the US Military and the Russian Military was clueless on how the virus got out and that they recruited her and some other people to go to ground zero of the virus and find a cure for it. And that she was in a place called Chernarus located in an area near the coast. She tried to give better details but we started to lose connection and I told her "I love you and that I am coming to get you." and that "I had a boat that had enough supplies for us to survive a long time". Then we lost contact with her. Me and John turned the boat around and headed to the coast of Russia and was happy to see that we had a map and that it indeed showed this place called Chernarus on it.

It took about a week to get the coast of Chernarus and we found a town that had a big enough harbor to dock the ship. While trying to dock the ship a huge storm formed and it ended up moving us way north up the cost next to a diesel factory, crashing us on shore. John and I made it to shore safe and we managed to salvage some useful things from the wreck.

We spent a couple of days on the coast line and found a small town over run with zombies and managed to get away from them safely. We also made contact with survivers and traded with them. Then while on a scouting mission for my wife I learned that not everyone in this place is friendly and that there was many bandits. One night our camp got raided by these bandits. John was taken hostage and our things were destroyed. I was told to just run and so I screamed at John "hold fast and that I will rescue you". As I said this to John the bandits started shooting at me, bullets whizzing by my head, I ran and I ran!

I ran for a couple of days, hiding from zombies, drinking from old water wells and ponds, killing animals and what ever other loots I ran across. Then the other night I seen your camp fire and studied you for a couple dayz and seen that you were not one of these bandits. So I took the risk to approach you and here we are sitting next to the camp fire. I am gracious for your opening up your camp to me...................

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Guest Squidly

Looks great and all,but a few things, Such as say "Sorry" not "srry" and "days" not "Dayz"

Also the ending..Eh no so sure how that should end..really after you lost contact with your wife...the story dropped. I would work on beefing up the ending.

Other than that great job

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Thanks! Will make corrections, the ending is really not a ending, it's like I'm talking in third and first person, to someone that is helping me.

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