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Guest Shakya

Imperial Dragōns - Lore and Backstory 帝国竜

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Guest Shākya


//This is a very long read and provides a full and comprehensive backstory for the Imperial Dragōns clan, I have worked on this extensively for the past few weeks and I hope you enjoy. There will be no TL;DR, however if you want a shorter version please refer to the main Dragōns thread. I advise looking at a map while reading this as it will help with your understanding of the storyline. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the read, Shakya.

It all started on May the 3rd, 2002. A young Daisaku Musashi, filled with hope and ideology joined the radical Uyoku Dantai (or by definition 'Shin-Uyoku') group called, Doragonzu. A notorious Uyoku Dantai group rumoured to be a coalition of the old Black Dragon Society and Genyōsha sects, who were forced to disband in 1946 and merged in secret - later to resurface as the infamous Doragonzu.

Uyoku Dantai are literally right wing Japanese organisations. They have deep routes in the Meiji Restoration on 3 January 1868 when Iesada Tokugawa abandoned the national seclusion on 31 March 1854, pro-Imperial and anti-Tokugawa politicians increased political influences.

The Doragonzu was an imperialist, ultra-nationalist sect within the wide network of Uyoku Dantai organisations. Their primary goals focused on the actualisation of traditionalist Japanese Imperial society based on feudal and imperialistic principles. They were thoroughly anti-capitalist and anti-communist and held modern culture in much disdain as they perceived the religion of mass consumption to be soul-less and empty.

During the 2002-2011 period their membership grew to a staggering 19,000 with around 5,000 military troops. Tensions within Japan between the capitalist pro-western government and the radical Uyoku Dantai groups had been slowly rising. The young Daisaku Musashi soon rose up the ranks within Doragonzu as the elders soon realised his passion and skill for leadership. His burning passion for their cause drove him high up the ranks of Doragonzu. In late 2009, Daisaku was announced Shōgun (General - Leader) of the Doragonzu sect.

Throughout their early stages they remained as a peaceful and non-violent organisation. However as time went on they grew ever increasingly militarised. The turning point for the organisation was when Daisaku Musashi took power. His radical ideologies brought him to believe that change could only be achieved through a military struggle. The Doragonzu began arming themselves, aligning and becoming involved with certain organisations such as the Yakuza. They soon built up an intricate and structured network of weapons and ammunition, slowly arming themselves for when Daisaku envisioned the final showdown with the Capitalist government would be.

In early 2011 the Doragonzu began meeting and discussing with other Uyoku Dantai organisations in hope of forming a coalition/uniting the Dantai groups in a common cause of combating the pro-west capitalist government. Discussions concluded in mid 2011. They had come to an agreement, the Doragonzu were to unite with Teikoku Bitoku and Ten'nō no Senshi (Two notorious paramilitary Uyoku Dantai sects) to form Teikoku Doragonzu - The Imperial Dragōns led by Daisaku Musashi.

By this time, Teikoku Doragonzu had built up a substantial paramilitary force in the North. They had infiltrated a Russian army supply line running from China to Vladivostok and captured hundreds of Russian Military uniforms. The uniforms were soon modified to fit the Dragon Requirements. They based their forces in the Northern Mountains of Japan on the island of Hokkaido, educating the men in the ways of Bushido and Imperialism. Daisaku used his government connections to pay off high ranking officials to turn a blind eye to their activities in the North.



The forces of Teikoku Doragonzu were flourishing in the North. With substantial military power of nearly 10,000 strong - they were a force that was envied by all those who opposed them. By this time, Daisaku's influence was not enough to quell government and civilian interest in the Doragonzu activities in the North. The government grew increasingly suspicious of the Doragonzu army in the North, calling on American aid to support them.

There was reports of a worrying infection spreading in underdeveloped parts of Tokyo, in places where hygiene and sanity were not the best. There was also reports coming in from the western regions of Chernarus, supposedly the Ex-Soviet state had fallen to the same infection. Reports of corpses reanimating were running thick in the corporate Japanese media.


Many people were dead, the media was silent in the south. Contact was restricted to the Northern Island of Japan. No one knew what had happened. Several weeks went by, the infection had reached the North island. The infection tore Sapporo apart in less than five days, Doragonzu tried to fight back but the losses were too great and they were forced to retreat back to the fortified mountain regions North East of the Island.

At this point, Teikoku Doragonzu's forces ranged at over 15,000 - 20,000. The joint Uyoku Dantai forces of the 2011 coalition pushed the ranks upwards. They had enough supplies to hold out around the mountainous northern regions for several months.

For the next several months Teikoku Doragonzu fought a guerilla war against the infection in the North Island, slowly pushing back the infected into the Northern region of the island known as Wakkanai. Throughout this struggle they gained many supporters for there cause, civilians rose in support of the Doragonzu and the idea of radical imperialist nationalism was spreading fast among the population. Many able and honourable men conscripted to join the ranks of the Teikoku Doragonzu within those few months.


After several months of fighting in the North, Teikoku Doragonzu had virtually eradicated the infection in the North and gained much support from the civilian population. Morale was high and the forces of the Dragōns were strong. During the fighting, the Dragōns launched several attacks on government compounds and bases. Seizing and capturing many new weapons, aircraft and artillery.

It was at this point that Daisaku decided that the Dragons needed to push South to reclaim the rest of Japan that he believed rightfully belonged to the Dragōns. On October the 21st, the Dragōns crossed the Tsugaru Straits into the southern island of Japan. The train tunnels were not functioning and mostly destroyed so they decided to cross by boat. Hundreds of boats filled with Dragōns crossed the narrow crossing, aircraft flew overhead as the boats made their way towards the shoreline.

After landing they seized and liberated the cities in the North, government troops were to busy combating the infection to notice their arrival on the mainland. The Northern cities of Aomori, Akita and Morioka were soon under Teikoku Doragonzu control. Much like in the North, the citizens surprisingly rallied to the Dragōns cause after seeing how affective they were at dealing with the infection. The northern section of the Southern island was soon completely cleared of the infection, with Dragōn support at an all time high.


After consolidating his victories Daisaku soon realised that he would need to do something about the government threat. He was sure that the closer he moved to Tokyo then the more chance there would be of retaliation. However, he still had the element of surprise on his side. Due to most conventional communication systems being destroyed by the infection, he was sure that the main government forces were still unaware of their presence in the North.

He was wrong. After pushing his forces further South, they came under heavy artillery fire pushing them back to their defensive outpost at Akita. During the bombardment many honourable Dragōns lost their lives, Daisaku had severely underestimated the strength of the government. He had assumed that due to the infection, they would have been more focused on combating the infection in the South however it seemed that word had reached them about their actions in the North.

Dragōn artillery responded fast, neutralising the government threat for long enough that it gave the remaining Dragōns in the South time to re-establish a position in the North. Daisaku knew that he had pushed his luck, the government were far more powerful than he had expected and he knew that there was no way they could push any further South.


Daisaku and a large contingency of Dragōns returned to the North island. Several experienced divisions were left in Akita and Morioko to watch the movements of the government. Daisaku began to fortify the Dragōns position within the North island. The captured airfields and military bases in the North island secured their safety against any government strikes. Power was restored through the usage of backup generators and a radar system was set in place, making use of the abandoned military observations posts in the East.

Throughout the North, there was still scattered pockets of the infection - slowing the movement and distribution of troops throughout the island. However these were soon taken care of, Daisaku taking advantage of the new military weapons they had on offer. Civillian support in the North for the Dragons was strong. In these desperate times, the people would look up to and support anyone who seemed to be making a difference. Daisaku knew this and used it to the Dragōns advantage. He used many techniques to brainwash and win over the people of the North island, employing his two main Daimyo's Matsuda Nagatori and Masao Baba to spread anti capitalist, anti communist and anti western hate among the population.

Trade routes were re-established amongst the major cities of Sapporo, Asahikawa and Wakkanai. The Dragōns soon built up a network of agriculture and production increased. With the new supplies being brought in, factories reopened and began producing generating valuble resources for the Dragōns.

Throughout December, government retaliation in the North of the mainland grew less and less. It seemed that the government was too focused on combating the infection in the South to pay much attention to what was happening in the North. The main southern cities of Tokyo, Nagasaki etc. were rumoured to have been hit hard by the infection. It made sense due to the high population density in these areas.


A meeting was called amongst the senior Teikoku Doragonzu members. At this stage, the Northern island was flourishing. The last remaining pockets of infection were being wiped out, agriculture and industry was flourishing and morale was high amongst the troops and civillian population. They seemed to accept the Dragōns form of feudal imperialistic rule very well and rallied to their cause.

The meeting consisted of the most senior members of Teikoku Doragonzu including, Shōgun Daisaku Musashi, Daimyō Itsuki Ichmi Katsou, Daimyō Masao Baba and Daimyō Matsuda Nagatori. They discussed for many hours about the situation in the North and hatched out a plan based on the current circumstances. They were well aware that they did not have the resoruces, man power and military strength to combat the government in the South. Unlike the hotheaded leaders of old, they knew when they would be defeated and accepted this.

The Hokkaido treaty was written and agreed upon, signed by all Daimyō's present and the Shōgun himself. Within the document it stated that the Dragōns were to have complete control of the Northen island of Hokkaido also including the island territories around Hokkaido. They were to become a sovereign and independent state within Japan. The treaty stated that they were to be recognised as the Kitanihon no Teikoku (Empire of Northern Japan).


They were to officially denounce the current emperor Akihito and to install their own Imperial Family. Throughout the northern provinces. The Teikoku Doragonzu has always recognised the Shakyamuni family as the rightful rulers of Japan due to their steadfast resolution of restoring feudal Imperial rule to Japan. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuary the Shakyamuni family were powerful landowners in the North, holding much influence over the Tokagawa Shogunate and later the Government of Imperial Japan. Their influence dwindled after the fall of the Empire of Japan, they withdrew further from politics growing much disdain for Western culture. The pact stated that eldest of the family, Takayama Shakyamuni was to be installed as Emperor and ruler of Japan with Daisaku serving as his Shōgun and military advisor aided by the Dragōns.

The Dragōns were to be allowed full control over Kitanihon no Teikoku's military, industrial and economic needs. Claiming the island and everything on it as their own. The treaty was agreed upon by every high ranking Japanese officer and was given the final verdict by the Shōgun Daisaku on the 14th of January. The trety was signed and ready to be presented to the Southern Capitalist government.

At this point, there had been no hostilities between the two factions for several weeks. The Government forces realised that their efforts to reclaim the North island had been futile, the Dragōns would defend the island to the last man along with it's brainwashed citizens. As long as the Dragōns made no further advances into mainland territory then the government would retaliate no further.


A meeting was arranged between Daisaku and the prime minster of Japan. They contacted the government by intercepting and decoding their radio signals allowing them to transfer the message to the government. It took several weeks for the Japanese government to respond. On the 20th of February, Daisaku flew to Yamagata under heavy military surveillance. Yamagata was the arranged site for the meeting due to it's central location. As much as Daisaku despised the Capitalist Japanese Government, he knew a deal had to be made to preserve all that he had achieved in the North. Continuing the war with the government was a pointless and non productive pursuit which would only lead to more unneeded destruction.

Daisaku landed in an airport North of Yamagata, he was escorted by his loyal Dragōn escorts into the city of Yamagata. With him he chose to bring Daimyō Masao Baba, leaving Itsuki and Matsuda back in Hokkaido. They arrived at the Tokugawa embassy after up to one hour of travelling. Dasisaku noticed that the infection was still present in many parts of the countryside heading in towards Yamagata, the government was obviously having much more trouble in dealing with the infection here than in the North.

The meeting was held in a large temple in central Yamagata. Daisaku's convoy was eyed suspiciously by the government troops upon entering the area of the Yamagata temple. Daisaku entered the temple, greeted inside by the Japanese Government guards. He was led to a wide oval shaped room, inside was filled with people milling around talking quickly in hushed voices. The talking stopped as Daisaku entered the room, disapproving eyes looked towards him and several men could be seen shaking their heads. Soon the men left the room leaving only 3 guards and a small roundly shaped man. He eyed the Daisaku suspiciously and beckoned him to sit. Masao drew back to the other side of the room, keeping close watch on the guards.

"Ah, the infamous Daisaku Musashi, my name is Yoshimitsu Rokuro - Japanese Minister of Defense." The man said. Daisaku responded with a sharp nod of his head, his mouth clenched into a thin smile.

"As you are aware, we have been having many problems in the South since the infection started. Thousands dead, panick in the streets. And last but not least." He hesitated, "The Imperial Dragōns. As you are aware you have been a great trouble to us, both before and after the infection started. We have been monitoring you actions in the North for a long time but we never expected such a violent response-".

Daisaku cut in, "Enough small talk, we must get on with business. We care not for what you or your capitalist government thinks of our actions. We did what we did to preserve our honour and to restore glory to the Emperor. However, we see no point in continuing our hostilities." Daisaku drew a large binded folder from within his coat, printed on the front was a large white and red flag. He placed the folder on the table and pushed it towards Yoshimitsu.


Yoshimitsu fumbled at his thin rimmed glasses, hanging loosely from a worn piece of string around his neck. He grabbed the folder, put on his glasses and frowned. The next 15 minutes were spent in silence as Yoshimitsu silently read over the treaty. His expression darkened as he read through each page. Soon he was finished, he removed his glasses and shouted out - a frantic man ran to his side and grabbed the leaflet soon disappearing through a door behind Yoshimitsu.

"Take it or leave it Yoshimitsu" Daisaku said camly, staring Yoshimitsu in the eyes. "And I have you know, we will never surrender, not till the last drop of blood escapes my still beating heat, we will never give in. We fight for our honour, for our families and for the Emperor. Tenno Heika Banzai." With that Daisaku left for the long ride back to Hokkaido.

MARCH 2013

Two weeks after the meeting with Yoshimitsu, word came in from the South. The government had accepted the Dragōns proposal. The North island of Hokkaido was now officially an official Imperial Dragōns state. The declaration of Hokkaido was written, in it contained the mandates and laws of the new Imperial Dragōns society. Although the island was very small in the general scheme of things this was a huge breakthrough for Daisaku. He final had a piece of land, free from government and western pressure to form a true Japanese state based upon feudal and imperialistic values.

However they were not finished here. The infection was still a problem with cases being diagnosed more and more rapidly. All though the North island was relatively clear, the infection seemed to be on the increase again. Daisaku knew he had to do something radical, he knew something needed to be done.

Daisaku began researching, looking up old news articles of when the infection struck and the same place was coming up over and over again. - Chernarus. Supposedly the source of the infection and where it all began. Instantly he knew this was the place. He became fixated on Chernarus, drawing up plans for action. He conversed with his generals but they were hesitant, claiming that if troops were to be moved away from Hokkaido then there would not be enough left to combat the infection however Daisaku was adamant that this was the right thing to do.

He organised a force of nearly two hundred Imperial Dragōn warriors for the journey. Supplies were gathered and two C-130 cargo planes were salvaged for the flight. Along with him Daisaku brought a team of dedicated, skilled and trusted Imperial Dragōn officials such as, Masao Baba and Itsuki Ichmi Katsou. He picked some of the best warriors to accompany him on his mission. The aim of the mission which was named 'Chernarus Operēshonzu' was to infiltrate the borders of Chernarus and to find the source of the infection. In finding the source Daisaku believed it would then inevitably lead to a cure.

APRIL 2013

The convoy was sent. They stopped and refuelled at Irkutsk, Russia before completing the last leg of their journey to Chernarus. The trip went relatively smoothly seeing as the weather stayed calm. After around a 24 hours flight including the refuel, they had made it into Chernarussian airspace.

Reconnaissance flights sent earlier in the month showed a large airfield, to the East of Chernarus in a city called Miroslavl'. The reconnaissance flights showed that the airfield was relatively clear of debris and free to land on. The planes landed hard on the airfield, with little fuel left this was a one way trip, there was no turning back now.

JULY 2013

What happened after was another long chapter in the Imperial Dragōns history. They took refuge in three disused fallout shelters north of Chernarus, used before the infection by the government as a last line of defence in case of a national emergency. Sadly, no one had made it and the bunkers remained empty. The Dragōns spent the next few months living from the bunkers, scouting reconnaissance missions into the southern region of Chernarus, collecting data and combating certain dishonourable organisations.

Several missions went wrong and the Dragōns suffered heavy losses. Daisaku noted that Chernarus had coped with the infection far worse than Japan. Chernarus had suffered from a complete loss of infrastructure and governing body, there was no longer any power structure. The land was nothing more than a lawless wasteland with various rebel and militia groups fighting for dominance.

After several months in the region, their resources and troops were dwindling. With little contact from Japan, Daisaku was worried. He soon received a message from Hokkaido. It was told that the infection was once again strong and the infection grew stronger once more. Due to the focus that was being put on Chernarus by Daisaku, there was not enough men left in Hokkaido to combat the infection and it was slowly winning.

On the morning of the 27th of September, the Dragōns were ready to leave. They had salvaged an old Cargo Plane from the wreckage of the NW airfield and had spent many long weeks repairing it. After a few test runs they decided that they would return to Japan. A convoy was sent to pick up all remaining Dragōns and escort them to the plane. The convoy stopped by every major Dragōn outpost and escorted all the Dragons on board. The convoy arrived at the airfield and at 00:05 hours the plane was in the air and on route to Japan.


Several Months went by. It had been a few months since the Dragōns left Chernarus. Daisaku was right, they needed to go back to Japan. Since they left, Hokkaido had been slowly falling, the infection had grown strong in the time the Dragōns expedition had been away. With not enough manpower to fight the infection, it had consumed most of the North East Island. Morale was getting lower and lower since Daisaku had left and the infection had taken it's toll on the population of Hokkaido. There had been reports of groups of hundreds of zombies roaming the cities of North Eastern Hokkaido.

As the Dragōns were establishing a foothold in Chernarus a war was waging in Japan. The infection was an all consuming and powerful force. At this point the Dragōns had become a significant force in Chernarus with power extending far beyond the border however with transport limited it was hard to make it back to Japan. Daisaku was left with a tough choice. If they left to defend Japan then they would be giving up all that they had achieved in Chernarus however Japan was their home and they had to go back no matter what the costs.

The Dragōns returned to Japan, the trip was long and tough for all of them. They had managed to salvage several abandoned CDF aircraft from the old NW airfield which carried the bulk of the Imperial Dragōn forces. After a brief stop in Irkutsk, Russia just north of Mongolia they radioed the remaining Imperial Dragōns in Japan. A location was set and the convoy made it's way to Japan. After a long and eventful flight the Dragōns convoy landed in Shakyamuni airbase, south of Sapporo.

What happened after was a bloody and short war for Japan. When the Dragōns returned from Chernarus it tipped the odds in the favour of the Emperor. The infection that had been driven eastwards was pushed back. Infected cities were liberated and the zombie hordes eradicated. By this time the Dragōns had built up effective and powerful ways to deal with the infection so it was not long before the infected were pushed back further into the North Easterly point of Japan.

Several more months went by, the Dragōns were advancing on the last remaining pocket of infected in the North Ease. Infected cities were set alight as they were bombarded with Imperial Dragōn artillery. After several more weeks the North East of the island was liberated. The vast majority of infected had been dealt with and most of mainland Hokkaido was now once again safe.

Japan was now once again under Imperial Dragōn control. The war had been short but bloody, many Dragōns had died honourably for their Emperor in that great war that was known to many as Doragon no Sensō - The War of the Dragon.

With the infection dealt with Daisaku knew it was time to go back to Chernarus. The several months spent on Hokkaido fighting the infection made him more determined than ever at find a cure and Daisku was adamant that the cure lied in the source of the infection - Chernarus.

//The reason I chose to rewrite the Doragonzu back story was because I felt the old story to be too unrealistic. I also chose to align the back story with the DayZRP official timeline to add to the RP depth of our group. Also please note, this is by no means the fixed back story and is open to criticism and change. There is also more to come once we play longer.

At first, we had plans to lay claim to the whole of Japan and were going to state that we owned it as a Japanese state however we realised that this was far too powergamey. We settled with owning the Hokkaido (relativley small and mountainous island at the North of Japan compared to the mainland). This does not impede on others RP at all yet still allows us to move forward with our RP path. Thank you for reading.

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I have read through some of this so far and it is truly amazing. 10/10 Shakya well done, and keep it up.

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Very nice story Shakya, you've clearly put a TON of effort into this.

I did have some things I felt I had to point out though. Its a fairly big list with a lot of arguments, so I sent you a PM with feedback.

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Was a very good read. :)

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Very nice. No, it´s amazing.

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Good to see you guys are back. Ive missed the " stop in the name of the emperor" initiations :)

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Guest Ketamine

Dat white text... I love the story though

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//If you have or haven't seen it already, yes. Imperial Dragōns are coming back.

You can find our thread here.

I am very excited and I look forward to meet all of the new groups and factions in-game!

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I don't know how many times I've read this, but I still confuse the names :D Gotta read a couple more then I guess :)

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Shows with a Decent amount of effort you always get the job done well done and thank you for the brilliant read.

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Nice. Can't wait for more

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Guest magw33d

Bumping for exposure.

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Just read it from top to bottom for my application, was amazed by how a person could write such a detailed backstory, good job man! Keep it up!

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Guest Mike Golf

//Aww da traksoot warrear! He said someting rike - geez your phone.

Great read tho, glad the emperor will be gracing us with his presence!

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This is fantasic. Very good read :D

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Amazing back story ten outta ten will read again

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