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Stranger danger

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So yesterday evening i hopped on a server and decided to have some fun after a long brake. I had no idea where all the cool places are where people meet so i just walked around. After a short while i met this guy Isac in Berezino. We had a short talk and decided to head to airfield near by.

After getting some fire power from there we head back to Berezino. We saw two guys inside the bar and they were having trouble with zombies so we helped them out, i don't remember them even thanking us. We stood there and they fully ignore that we even existed so we didn't want to stand there for nothing and we walked to Elektro (Electro?) only to find two guys who both asked us to kill them.

The other guy RPd it pretty good and Isac ended his miserable life, but the other. We greet him and he runs by, then he stops,turns back and says "pleas kill me." nothing else. And Isac tells we are not going to kill him, so he says bye and runs off.

So yes i understand there are lot of new people joining here and they are not experienced role players and are shy because of that. But some who might play with their friends seems to completely ignore other players when they are alone.

So all to you new players or old, who are scared of meeting new people. the best experience you get while playing DayzRP is with people you don't know. You walk with them a day and you start to know his character pretty good. you sit by a campfire and tell stories about how you came here and what do you know about this place. Don't be too shy to join a group of guys. When playing with strangers who are a good role players is fun and it will improve your own role playing skills.

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Ah good times...one of sayings I coined in BHM was:

BHM= Bringing new meaning to Stranger Danger, one pickup at a time.

Though I tend to avoid people depending on what character I am playing. Sometimes I would rather not be executed.

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We greet him and he runs by, then he stops,turns back and says "pleas kill me." nothing else. And Isac tells we are not going to kill him, so he says bye and runs off.

I have to admit, that was pretty funny.

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Meeting someone new by surprise is always hilariously awkward.

I was in NEAF and decided to go to the Supermarket in Krasnostav.

I walk into the store through one of the back doors and walk into a guy in a forest-camo bandit clothing.

I start to say hello and the guy just starts unloading on me with his gun. I'm yelling "Wait!" and "Whoa!" the whole time and I magically survive. I bandage myself and the guy gives me a transfusion apologizing about shooting me.

Apparently he had been stuck in the supermarket when some random person had shot at him when he tried to leave.

When I came in he thought I was the shooter.

However though we both talked a bit and decided to travel across the north towards NWAF. It was a fun time and when we split up at NWAF when I decided to rest I gave him a ghillie suit I had in my backpack.

Thank you Hoppo for the most unique way I've ever met someone.

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I had a great day in DayzRP when i wasnt in a clan at the time and met a couple of guys at Desal Plant and we decided to go to Berezino to get supplies .

As we got into Berezino we found a white UTE ( Pickup for those not Aussies lol ) we probably spent the next 2-3 hrs getting gear to fix it . We lost 1 of the 3 of us and we don't know what happened to him at all. So the 2 of us left kept searching for parts for the Pickup. During the search my new friend got injured badly and we had to get meds to fix him up . (server restart) We then finally fix the Pickup after 2-3 hrs and decided to go looking for more supplies . The whole time we are chatting talking about well anything and everything and all IC . We then travel to Krasno just near NEAF check the market and then proceed to the Airfield . We arrive behind the barracks and then 2 guys decide to rob us and take the vehicle and our gear . We then restock at the Airfield . We meet some SKA guys who help us out with the zeds and then after some good RP they let us go . ( server restart ) We then meet a guy at the Airfield again who is in civis and we help him out and have a chat . All of us are needing food so we each go and kill an animal in the area and make a fire and cook it up. We then see a vehicle arrive at the Airfield and it is SKA again this time appears to be different guys. This is where is gets to be fun we have i would think at least an hour of great RP and in fact may of been longer . We talked about everything as they questioned us so each of us explained how we got here , we even talked about politics and if Communism was good or bad . ( for those thinking we were loot rotating forget it we weren't we only checked each building once )

After some time we get attacked by a horde of Zombies so myself and the 2 other guys departed after SKA told us to get away from the Horde that had formed. Damn zeds messing up good RP :) . So then we proceeded towards Krasno and the 2 friends i had died and i had to run for my life .

This was a great day on the server one of the best i have had so far . Mainly for the length of time and we had so much interaction with people good and bad .

I want to thank everyone that i was with/met and if i could remember your names i would of noted it here , yes i am silly i should of written the names down.

Special thanks to SKA was great RP and good fun , never really knew if i was going to die or not makes for fun RP LOL


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