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Recording games without fps drop

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I am currently trying to record some dayz and BF gameplay with fraps, but I always get serious fps drop. I can run BF4 on ultra with 50 to 70 fps but as soon as I start recording, it drops to around 25fps.

Same happens with dayz but I play that on low settings. Any help?

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What are you using?




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Guest Alfie

//Moved to off topic.

I recommend buying or getting the *wink wink* version of Dxtory, if you look at Jackfrags' tutorial on it, you should get low FPS drops.

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Try either Dxtory like Alfie said or Bandicam.

They both have minimal performance hits and also don't take so much space.

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*cough*NVIDIA Shadowplay*cough*

Is this free Rolle?

Also I got the *wink Wink* version of dxtory and it says I have to pay to get the full version still.

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Usually to maintain a good FPS while recording it's advised to have a hard drive dedicated to recording that is either an SSD or has a speed of 7,200 rpm or more.

If you have an NVIDIA 600 series graphics card or higher there is the free ShadowPlay software that comes bundled with your driver software. It's in beta but can record gameplay pretty well from my experience.

I personally use Dxtory and I get a slight drop in FPS while recording but not as much as what you'r describing there. I'd advise buying it, it's really cheap when you consider the quality of recording you can get from it.

the tutorial Alfie mentioned.

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