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Andrew 'Almond' Lukas - The Backstory

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*you find an old piece of paper on the counter, written almost illegibly*

Andrew Lukas - My Story

My parents were both born and raised in Wisconsin, and after they got married, they moved to Chernarus to be closer to family. Shortly after, I was born and they put me into an all-English school in Chernogorsk. Although I still was introduced to some Russian, I was mainly an English speaking child, explaining why I have an American accent.

When my parents began to lose their jobs, and started working full-time, I moved to Balota, and went to a public school. I was friends with many kids there, and I learned how to speak fluent Russian. In the Sixth Grade, I was bullied, I got bad grades, and my parents were going though a really difficult time with each other. But there, I met one of my best buddies. His name was Preston, and he was a bit of a creep, but people liked that side of him. He liked all of the things I liked. He loved computers, he loved video games, and he too was an introvert. He began to call me 'Almond' first as a joke, but then, it kind of caught on with everyone else. It got to the point where my teachers would call me Almond.

I went to College in Berezino with Preston, where I studied writing and nursing. After graduating, I got a job at Elektro Hospital, and on my free time, I would either play video games, or begin writing books.

Right before the apocalypse came around, I had become an accomplished author, with three books written, "To Kill a Zombie", "Lord of the Zombie", and "Harry Zombie".

Sadly, I haven't seen my friend Preston since this whole thing started. I mourn his death as I mourn the death of my mother and father. I will forever remember him as the one who helped me get to this point.

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