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[drunk] Heart Felt thank you

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So, i've lately found solace in roleplaying in fallout new vegas.

given my current life style I have not been able to play DAYZRP like i use to

I've also recently made my own mod for the Fallout: New Vegas universe called Tony Fonzerelli

I've found great pleasure in this and I share with the community because this community helped me better shape up my roleplaying

also it has helped my voice acting IMMENSELY. So far 17 people have ENDORSED my mod on Fallout: New Vegas Nexus.

over 200 people have downloaded

and I have more content to follow and even some zombie scenarios in mind.

I felt to bring this to the off-topic thread because:

A. I'm drunk

B. It has to do with roleplaying because im roleplaying my Tony character in the fallout universe as an NPC.

So thank you DayzRP for everything.

This mod has been my favorite thing to do out of any game or any IRL other non computer activity.

with out this community i would of never done this and thats why I thank you.

Mainly Rolle though because with out his... things and stuff I wouldnt of joined.

Good luck out there in the zombie infested wasteland guys and PLEASE

make sure to drop your weapons when told to....

or else....

make sure you have some cover.

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Why would I need to drop my weapon when I can just double tap W and run around in circles? :D

Any Fallout Player knows how addicting the game is, then they when mods came, it was unbelievable.

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