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Cpl. Heath checking in

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This is Cpl. Heath, 22nd MEU 1/2 Charlie Co, 1st Platoon

A small number of my unit and I were able to escape the infection in Takistan where we were origionaly tasked to provide weapon and tactical training to the local police and military groups.

We were able to make it here by helicopter, however our bird blew the rotor whilst an attempted landing for fuel. I am the lone survivor of the crash and am now forced to gain footing alone in Chenarus.

The others in my unit were as follows:

PFC. Horn, Paul -1/2 Weapons Co

Sgt. Zabowski, Ian -1/2 Charlie Co

Lcpl. Snyder, Jake- 1/2 Charlie Co

Corpseman Miles, Lee- 1/2 Charlie Co

Cpt. Klothe, David- 2nd Battalion Force Recon

Lt. Harrison, Joe- Navy pilot, unit unknown

My heart goes out to my fallen brothers.


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