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K Lucky

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Hey I'm a new player here and I'm very excited to play on this server. Everything seems so well regulated here it's so impeccable to me. I haven't done any roleplaying in a while so it will be interesting to see how this venture turns out, all in all you seem a good bunch which makes me considerably less worried. Can't wait to play with you all, hopefully I get accepted and can start as soon as possible :D

In the meanwhile if anyone has any suggestions on my character profile it would be appreciated, if not I hope the story is at least mildly entertaining ^^

First name: K (First name used only by close friends)

Last name: Eckard

Nickname: K-Lucky

Age: 21

Height: 6.1

Weight: 170

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Pre-Outbreak profession: Boat Hand

Medical record: n/a

Demeanour in three words: Cautious, Avoidant, Defensive

K. Eckard was born to a small blue collar family and raised in Bröstfjord, one of the countless fjords in norway. His father worked hard on a fishing boat, overseeing the engine compartment making sure everything ran smoothly, and spent little time at home. Meanwhile, his wife and Eckard's mother tried to balance work and home in order to make ends meet yet still raise a good family. Even with both of Eckard'd parents working, the family itself still lived at the bottom of the middle class as it had to deal with the rough and rugged seasons and terrain of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Eventually, his family splintered apart when his parents finally divorced when Eckard was 16, the drama and conflict of which inspired in Eckard a lifelong disdain for close relationships. He spent the next five years mostly unhappy, living with his mother and other siblings as they barely avoided poverty, until he found his escape when he was offered work upon a large container ship. A job worthy of a new life, if fate would have deemed it so. But that unfortunately was not the case.

Six months into his first decent job the ship docked at a port somewhere in Eastern Europe, he'd never heard of the place but that was no reason to forebode a good time. He promptly exited the ship at evening meaning fullwell to load back on it the following afternoon when the ship would be heading back. Oh how Vodka can be a cruel mistress. The following evening he woke up half dead in a freezing forest covered in his own puke, the panick settled in quickly as he ran towards a hill hoping to see the ocean with his salvation safely docked. Nothing could have prepared him for what he saw when his eyes laid on the horizon.

A burning city with crazed denizens, screams muffled by gunshots and.. salvation, slowly making it's way south, carrying nothing but a ball of fire. He'd seen the movies but now it was in his face. Fear gripped him as he turned his back from the chaos. He picked up his vomit stained jacket and walked north thinking to himself; maybe the long walks in the Norwegian countryside might finally pay off.

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