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Guest Chet

Hello people !

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Guest Chet

Hey guys. I`m new in this world. How can I make my own Russian clan on this server?

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Guest Chet

First name: Ivan

Last name: Kochetov

Nickname: Chet

Age: 28

Height: 185

Weight: 89 kilo

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Pre-Outbreak profession: Solider of Russian Federation

Medical record: n/a

Demeanour in three words: Attacking, Leader, Defender

Ivan was born in 1985 in Moscow. His father was party worker, later successful businessman. Ivan mother was housewife. In 1991 he goes to school. After 11 yeas in these institution he go to Russian Federation army. Ivan got a lot of achievements in arny. In 5 years he became capitan of fireteam. In 2010 he became capitan of Special Forces squad. He was in Chernarus with his team when epidemic start. After Russian commander stopped to get in touch Ivan`s squad start to survive.

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Well, Before you do all that you need to be whitelisted to play the game. There are also many (and I do mean MANY) Russian clans, at this moment you need to donate a minimum of 5 euros to be able to whitelist. While you're waiting for your whitelist to be approved, I suggest you take a look at these tutorial to get yourself prepared for the adventure that is DayzRP, Hope to see you ingame.




Welcome to the community - Simiskovich

P.S When you actually get whitelisted, I suggest you take a loot at NRF (New Russian Federation) if they haven't disbanded by then.

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