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Hello World!

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Hello everyone,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Frank Meijaard and I live in the Netherlands. At the moment I am 18 years old and I have been playing ArmA/DayZ for about two and a half years now. I really miss the old DayZ and I hope that I will get an even more awesome experience here.

I am studying 3D Game Artist at the moment. So if I could be able to help out with this mod then that would ultra awesome of course!

If you are interested in my background story then here you go: (Would love to get some feedback/thoughts about it)

It was him who lived behind the mountains. Frank was always bullied for that on school. He lived with his parents in Pulkovo and had to cycle to Zelenogorsk everyday for school. He always enjoyed to visit his best friend Felix. Because he was the only one who accepted him as a 'Hinder'.

On the day the zombie apocalypse broke out nobody in Pulkovo actually noticed. It was only when Frank wanted to go to Felix that he noticed that Zelenogorsk did not look the same anymore. There were wrecked cars all around and people were screaming and running. He instantly went back home to ask his parents if they would come along to check if Felix was allright. They agreed and they all went down to Zelenogorsk. When they arrived at his house it was completely empty. No one was there. It was a mystery if Felix was still alive. Then there was a brutal sound to be heard. It was a zombie wich entered the house.

They started running back towards their house as fast as they possibly could. His parents hid him in the basement and told him to stay there until it was night. He could tell if it was night by the small vent hole that was in the door. It seemed to take days before it was night and all he had was a flashlight, a small can of coke along with a small packet of food. Once it finally was night. Frank escaped from the basement and started to run. He did not know where to, he did not know what to do. He was.. On his own.

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