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Taken to Prom (Matty 'Prom' Fitch's Story)

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(This is my new character, Matty, please give feedback on the story.)

Matty opened the limo's door, and ran into the small gas station. His security convoy need gas, and he needed

to pee. 30 hours of driving from his private home in France to Moscow. His parents were off on some political business,

and he hadn't been to Moscow in forever. He needed a break from private school life. Moscow seemed to be the place.

The armoured convoy was 13 cars long; all fully-bulletproof tank-like limos. A high grade sniper couldn't pierce these cars,

his parents made sure of that. Matty's mom was the embassador to Australia for France. She was never around, but when she was,

she taught his the superficials. Looks, hair, outfits, persuasion, manipulation. All things politicians learn.

Though New Zealand born, he was raised in the U.S, sounding nothing like his native heritage. He was just above average for 19 year old,

6 foot, and what he lacked in upper body strength, he made up for in speed. He could run 5 minutes miles, and was the star receiver on his football team.

His semi-long curly hair was kept healthy, and was one of his prized possesions.

His dad, Italian born and raised, taught him the manners. Please and thank you, courtesy, how to make friends.

dad was a wealthy business man, and was always gone. He was often at home, with only his security detail to accompany him.

They became some of his best friends. They taught him to shoot medium-tier rifles, but nothing else. He never had time; private school,

girls, friends, his obsession with the latest technology. He took sports when available, but American Foot ball was his only sport that he loved.

Matty had a sinister side though; he had a lot of enemies. Kids at his private school, many of their parents hated Matty or

his parents. That is why he had a security detail, illegal bounties were on his head. He came to accept the life of protection when he

decided to take control. He became top knotch, manipulating authorites, having parents of kids he didn't like arrested. He

did this all in secret. Yet, he remained popular amongst the student populace.

He went to the bathroom, peed, ran out, grabbed a candy bar, tossed the, what he assumed was, Russian clerk a 10 and ran out.

The convoy was already ready to go. He frowned.

"Beat me again, didn't ya, Cane?" He asked his one of his private security guards.

"As always, sir." He cracked a smile at Matty.

They both got in the fifth car and they started moving again.

"Where are we?"

"Just outside of a city called "Elektrodo-" some fucking strange Russian ass city" Cane said.

Matty laughed.

Suddenly, a horde of people, all dirty, bloody, grimy looking, hit the car in front of them. The car was flipped; the 3.5 ton cars flipped by maybe 20 people.

Matty's car slammed the breaks, and they hit the flipped car. Matty was awake, but Cane had kept going even when the car stopped.

Cane's neck was bent at an awkward angle, the spine almost poking through his skin. Matty grabbed the FAL Cane stashed under the seat, and jumped out.

The other cars were being attacked by the people. They seemed to be... Biting the guards. Matty took some shots, but the things wouldn't go down.

One guard who managed to get away took Matty off the road and into a church. There they closed the doors, and tried to figure out what to do.

The church door opened, and in came a man, armed with a big gun, bigger than any gun Matty, or Cane for that matter, ever held.

"Matty Fitch?" The man said.

"Yeah... You aren't one of my-"

The man sprayed at his guard, and aimed at the un-aiming Matty. The FAL dropped.

"Who are you?" Matty asked.

"I'm James Adams, your bounty hunter, killer, and worst nightmare." He said walking towards the fallen Matty, who tried to backup. James grabbed him by the shirt. He grinned before taking out a knife. Matty, off the gorund now

started kicking, and then smashed his head into Adams'. James let go, then tried to draw a pistol, but wasn't quick enoug for Matty, who had sprinted out and was already running.

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