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Chris Kyle

The Story of Andrew Smith and How it All Began...

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NOTE: This is the unedited version, there are quite a few errors.

My name is Andrew Smith, and welcome to my story on how it all began...

It started with the banks.

Having learned nothing from the 2008 financial collapse, investment bankers took advantage of a paralyzed political system to look for new ways to make quick and easy profits. This time, instead of making risky bets on people's homes they figured out a way to make a buck betting on people's health. Banks teamed up with hospitals and health insurance companies to offer citizen's cheap health coverage, and then repackaged and sold those policies on the stock market. The 1% made a killing, while the 99% waited for their share... it never came.

When the bubble burst, health care companies went bankrupt, hospitals closed, and sick people were left stranded. Budgets for basic government services like disaster response and sanitation were was gutted to pay for yet another massive bank bailout. By the time the crippled public health system identified the disease, it was already too late. Now, we in the 99% are tasked once again to clean up after the 1%.

Day 1

About 6 days after the virus started spreading it hit the west coast of the United States. All hell broke loose... people ran and screamed in fear on the streets... cars were wreaking left and right... I think I even saw people jumping out of the windows from the buildings. That is a night I will never forget. I ended up hiding is a small cottage home just outside of the city near the docks for the night. That morning I woke up to the sound of gunshots coming from somewhere inside of the city. I turned on the television to see if there were any emergency broadcasts on. Nothing. Nothing but static. I peaked out of the window to see if anyone or anything was there. I saw a boat, a relatively large boat on the docks just outside of the house. I had to make a choice... Stay here and wait for help if it ever does or make a run for the boat. I decided to go with the boat.

I slowly opened the door to the cottage, when I heard something outside. Out from around the corner appears this... thing. It was a young girl except it wasn't. Her skin was a pale green color and her arm was twisted in an odd unnatural way. She had hardly any hair, save for the large clumps randomly placed on her scalp. She was dead but walking around this earth as though she was still alive. I didn't know what to do. I felt as if I was going to go into shock... So I did the only thing that came natural. I bolted to the boat. Once I had gotten there I untied the boat from the docks and pushed the boat away. The girl came hobbling to the docks and walked straight into the water, where she submerged and never resurfaced. I went down below the deck into the bowels of the ship looking for food. Throwing the the useless items to the side, I finally found some canned beans and corn, bags of chips, a couple boxs of cereal, and a few jugs of fresh water.

3 Days later.

I am still on the yacht, I have decided that the best place for me to probably go was to South Korea. I have been there many times before since I am experienced hip Doctor. Maybe they have a handle on the on the situation. Maybe they have already figured out what this is and have created a cure for it. I don't know, but that's what I'm hoping. I have enough gas to get me there if I use some of the Pacific Ocean currents to my advantage, I just hope I can remember all the skills that I learned in my Navy days.

23 Days later.

I don't know where I am. I have been headed east for what feels like years. I am almost out of food, fresh water, and gas. I'm starting to think that I'll never make it. A few hours later I see land, and what seems to be a city. I speed into shore not knowing what to expect. Tie up the yacht at some docks just outside of the city, and start jogging towards the small town. When I got there it seemed to be dead. What I mean is no cars, no people, no lights, just nothing, and absolutely silent, except for some paper blowing around on the streets.... Not knowing exactly where I am, I start to knock on doors, going into schools, just casually walking around looking for anybody. I go to knock on a slightly opened door, when the door opens by itself. Or did it... Out stumbles another one of those things... One of those infected things that were once humans, but this one was different... It was missing an arm and a leg... And it was still dragging itself towards me... When I saw that it hit me. If it's here, in this small city in god knows where. Then it's everywhere. I immediately knew what I at to do.

I walked quietly to the next house and went inside looking for weapons, food, water, gas, survival gear, and most importantly a map with a highly detailed geographical landscape. I found a map not to detailed but it would do. There was only 3 major city's on the coast on the map. One of which as a few smoke stacks, one with a lighthouse off the coast, and the last one with a lumber yard. Turns out I was in a place called Электрозаводск (Electrozavodsk). That looks Russian... Great. Fuckin' perfect. I'm in what seems to be a "zombie" apocalypse in Russia. Well this couldn't get any better, *hears some gunshots in the distance* I guess I spoke to soon.

Months later.

I haven't noted anything recently, but I have met a few people along the way including a few locals, an America soldier, a Russian soldier, and a doctor from Germany. The doctor has told me that the virus's origin had started somewhere in this area and had been sent in by a team made of Biochemical & Radiation Doctors, highly trained GROM personal, and a few British SAS members. He became separated from them when they were ambushed by a band of Russians, that called themselves The Sovetskoy Krasnoy Armiya, SKA for short. The Doctor told me that they are a militia made up of Russian soldiers and locals. I have promised the doctor that we will find these Russian bandits and get revenge on them for what they did, and help him find his team once more.

A Few More Months Later.

I am running out of space in my journal and have not been able to find another one. It has been almost a year from the time I had first arrived in Chernarus. I have killed dozens of people and hundreds of Infected, known as Walkers. I have brought a unique band of people together and created a group called The Militia Fedaration. We are a group of survivors that do want we want. In other words we do want we want when we want to do it, and don't try to stand in our way. We kill the larger bandit groups and take there gear for ourselves. If you find us and you wish to join us in our conquest to conquer Chernarus, then you have to prove your up for the task. My name is Andrew Smith, and this was my story.


The Militia Federation Clan


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