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Good day All

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Hey all

Just wanted to pop by and say hey, I just applied for the white list and hopefully I will get to join you all soon! Here's what I put for my characters back story, let me know what you guys think! Sorry if it's a bit long, I got a bit carried away :)

George Edward Mutton

George is a 30 year old eccentric English man, his story started when he first travelled to Russia many years ago in a bid to make his very own business empire. Sadly it didn't turn out so well for him.

George started his bid for his future empire by making what he thought to be precise and calculated business investments. Sadly for George he wasn't very well calculated or precise as first thought. He started making very silly investments in companies such as 'SplintsForTheFamily' and 'anti zombie alarms'. So slowly and inevitably every business he invested in went bust.

George then decided that In a last ditch effort to save his dream that he would get a loan. Sadly after the banks had heard of Georges past business decisions they decided that he was a risky investment and rejected his applications. As a last hope George got a loan from a dodgy Russian businessman. Sadly this is where things truly turned bad for poor old George.

Long story short he yet again, made bad investments and was unable to pay back his dues. So as you may have guessed the Russian businessman wasn't too happy with this and came to visit George. All Georges remaining possessions were taken from him and George was bagged up and dumped somewhere left to die.

George now Homeless, lost and without a friend accepted his fate. He was meant to be a nobody.. For many years he lived homeless and Scavenged for scraps. His life miserable and pointless. But just when he thought nothing good would come of this world, the apocalypse happened...

But this was a blessing for him! For the first time in ages George could go into houses and eat as much food as he liked! He found friends that were now in the same positions as he once was and maybe just maybe he could build that empire he always dreamt of building...

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Very nice back story bit short but I like it, most of the stories I read is about ex military soldiers and people getting to Chernarus by plane crashes really overused.

I am glad that your story is quite peculiar. Welcome to the community, enjoy your stay and make sure you know all the rules well.

A little advice : If you want to get your application checked sooner you should donate at least 5 euro, if you won't the white listing might open but you will be at the bottom of the list and they will take like 70 people that were first and they will close the white list again and you will have to wait another month or so.

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Guest funnyfacegaming

Could use a little more meat but pretty good unique

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