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D&D old skool gamer takes six steps forwards and waves "Hello"

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I'm terribly new, straight off the boat, dove out of a plane, was sent here on a mission to find the secrets of this mysterious island.

Love RP and excited at the prospect of injecting some life into DayZ, a game that has got so troll infested and incredibly frustrated at times.

Do say hello back so I don;t feel like I'm staring at a bottomless pit, its very dark around here!


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hey man, welcome to DayZRP.

It's a very hectic and massive change from other RPGs as the other players will have an enormous impact on your character for good or bad.

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It is always nice to see another D&D player around. To be honest, I prefer RD&D (Also known as LARP) more then D&D.

I hope you'll enjoy the stay, if you need anything feel free to contact me, or any other staff member.


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Thanks for the warm welcome and the D&D reference's, brings back fond memories!

Just waiting for a response to my whitelist application now but thought it would be cool to illustrate what I wrote for my character background, check it out if you have 3 minutes spare!

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