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hey guys my name is Faygo i live in Australia, i have been playing dayz since it started and have gotten really bored, i heard about dayzRP and was thinking it would be nice to play a game that had a story with characters and clans like i have seen in videos, i was just wondering if any admin or moderator knew when the white listing would be open again and also how i go about choosing a skin for my character. last thing what happens when you die is that it more character?

cheers, Faygo

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All of these things could be answered with the search function, but nonetheless:

1. Whitelisting is closed until the admins say otherwise. You can still donate to be able to apply, but that doesn't mean you will be accepted.

2. When you donate you will get donation credit, which can be used to "purchase" skins in the donation exchange.

3. Whether or not you want to play permadeath is up to you. You can bring your character back if you want, but you must forget the events surrounding and leading up to your death.

Be sure to read all the rules thoroughly, and good luck!

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The above speaker is right and because there are many Threads/posts about all these questions, I will close this.

If you have further questions, please send me a Pm and I will help you.


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