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A message to the SKA

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This is all OOC, no need to get your knickers in a bunch ingame... :)

So, I'll agree, in the event with the LAV there did appear to be issues with the initiation. Not even getting into that argument here, this is more about the lack of roleplay that I see constantly mentioned by your members regarding the situation.

In the immortal words of every bandit ever, "If they had complied then there would have been some awesome roleplay!"

Now, you finally got to see it from the other side. When a group of bandits rolls up on some lone civilian with his crappy AK and begins yelling at him to comply, it is the same situation as you faced versus an LAV. The lone civilian stands ZERO chance of fighting back, and if he tries to, he gets gunned down.

Now, you guys are not lone civilians. It takes more than some people rolling up to you to give you the same feeling of hopelessness that a lone civilian experiences when you roll up on them. Honestly, while I am on the fence about the situation itself, I hope you learned a little bit about what it feels like for people on the receiving end of your acts of banditry and terrorism.

Just like the lone civilian stands no chance against you, you stood no chance against an LAV. You chose not to comply anyways, then complain about a lack of RP. I do not see this as powergaming, I see this as someone putting you up against the same scale of odds as that lone civilian faces when he goes against you.

So, when you choose not to comply, just like that lone civilian, you have ZERO rights to complain about a lack of RP, as to once again mention that famous quote "If you'd have just complied, there would have been great RP!"

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While your points are good, we do not need another 10 page thread about admin abuse and more flaming. We called a timeout, and a timeout it is.


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