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Chris Kyle

Clan Page/Thread/Logo Editing

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Recently I have realized that a lot of people have been posting very basic Clan Threads/Logos, using only text and some edited flags for most Clan Idea Threads. It hit me that a lot of people don't have access to Software out there like Adobe Photoshop and even less people know how to use them.

Recently I bought Photoshop and made a very basic Clan Idea Thread here. Still even though it is very basic it has more detail than most posts. So I have decided to make some "improvements" on some of them if you wish me to do so. What I mean by that is the following -

1. A Detailed Looking Thread with pictures and maybe a YouTube Video.

2. A Detailed Logo.

3. A fully working and customized XML such as this one here.

4. A Detailed Background Story like this background story. (Optional)

If you wish for me to edit your Clan Thread Please leave a post or send me a PM. Things that you have to have.

1. A Detailed Paragraph describing what your clan is and what your clan does.

2. A list of all the Clan Members

3. A Background Story if you already have one made.

4. Last a DropBox Account that I can have permission to use in order to edit the XML.

NOTE: This is just an idea, hopefully I'm not breaking any rules or upsetting anyone.

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