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My Introduction :D

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Greetings all,

My name is Mykoli Dimchevski or Mykoli on the forums. Pronounced (Me-Cole-Eye). This may be a long post so forgive me haha.

My In-game Profile.

Name: Mykoli Dimchevski.

Age: 24.


Body Type:Built/Heavy Set.

Features: Hair-Brown short wavey, Eyes-Hazel/Green.

Profession before the outbreak: Personal Trainer, VIP Security Detail.

Injuries/Ailments: Slight hearing loss due to Job(VIP Work)-Left ear.

My Back Story - (sorry for any grammar or punctuation errors >_<)

A proud father of my two children, My son Fedor (age 12)loved playing around in the town or accompanying me on my daily trips to work, a typical young boy and daughter Alexei (age 4)was my little angel but was a rascal at that for her age. My Wife of two years Tasha and I moved to the town of Zelenogorsk 6 months before the outbreak.

All I can remember was waking up to find a group of whom I thought were men crouched flailing at something on the road outside of my house. I quietly looked for my wife and my children, I couldn't find them. I feared that the men outside had taken them so I grabbed my hatchet from next to the fireplace and opened my door to confront them. But.. they were not men as you would describe a normal man, they were shambling corpses. As they all roused to the sound of my door opening I saw what no Father or Husband should ever see....

So now I Roam trying to survive and trying to live each day at a time..

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