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Hey again, third post within like-... 10 minutes?

Now since I'm new I'd like to get to know A LOT of people quite quickly to get familiar with the new environment I just waltzed in to; I'd like to make some now steam/forum/youtube- whatever, friends! I don't really mind who to be honest...

Steam: Lockdown10 (OR) [LIB-CO] Polar Bear

Youtube: LukeTheDamnBrit

DayZ Name: Luke R

- Luke Rodgers

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/Moved to Off-Topic

Hello there Luke. One of the best ways to make friends here in my opinion is usually by meeting people in-game and then seeing who suits your play style.

When I first arrived I jumped straight into the game not knowing anyone and it was a great experience because I didn't feel like I had to gravitate towards a group for out of character (OOC) reasons. I ended up making friends with those who have a similar role play/character to mine and have been friends with them ever since.

Just my opinion of course and you're welcome to make friends by any means you wish. I just found from experience that 'going in blind' so to speak was really interesting and rewarding for me. :)

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The best way to meet people is in-game. Travel around Chernarus meeting people, and when you meet people that like you they will try to play with you more often.

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