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My name is Luke Rodgers! (lukethedamnbrit)

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Hey there ladies and gentlemen!


As you may of read, my name is Luke Rodgers! (Hence subject) I come from the midlands of England, UK, and I am aged 17. I enjoy the company of anyone who's willing to have a friendly play along on any game, especially DayZ, willing to help and play along with me.

Now I thought I might mention, before anyone else has a go at me for it, I have a tendency to over-react or get quite angry at some points, this is because I have a disorder called "intermittent explosive disorder" which causes me to be somewhat quite angry every now and then. But I can be a very sociable guy, friendly and welcoming, so don't mind it because it is easily dismissed.


I have played the mod for Arma 2 (DayZ) for just around 2 years or so, not too sure. I have experience in range spotting, range finding, marksmenship and sniper warfare, vehicular warfare, vehicular driving, flying and that sort'a crap. I enjoy working/playing along side anyone who's willing to be friendly and help me along, vise-versa.

I'd also like to add, as experience, I have previously hosted and owned, several different DayZ servers. TWO of which were Origins, ONE Overwatch and TWO Vanilla DayZ. I also Administrated TWO other Overwatch servers.


I also have owned multiple GMod servers and Minecraft servers/community.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you guys in DayZRP soon!

-Luke Rodgers

(Picture to show even though I can be a horrible, moody, angry git, I can still be a very loving, nice guy.)


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Sup Luke !

Glad to see someone who can put some effort in his presentation thread rather then "hi" ahah :P

Hope to see you somewhere in game !

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Interesting Opening we will be watching you.....

(We wont be watching you)

But welcome to DayzRP we hope you enjoy your stay!

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Guest ItsPavel

I like this guy.

His user name wins me over.

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