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Guest Qvoid

My characters backstory

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Guest Qvoid

First name: Nathan

Last name: Woodiki

Nickname: Wiki

Age: 22

Height: 5'7

Weight: 140

Hair: Bald

Eyes: Dark green

Pre-Outbreak profession: Helicopter Mechanic

Medical record: Missing a index finger (OOC this will effect his shooting and such in RP)

Demeanour in three words: Quick thinker, Cautious and Shy

So let's start from the beginning, I was born and raised in Sydney Australia. I lived with my grandma since I was 5 years old, my mother died giving birth to me and my dad died in a shop robbery I've been told he was protecting others, I don't believe that story but I like to go by it. I would always pray for my mother and father every night but it got progressively harder after kids spread rumors saying my father robed the shop he deserved it. I tried not to believe them, but day in and day out of being told that changed me other than that threw high school I was happy I had a few friends and was left alone. One day after school some of the cooler kids started talking to me and dared me to stick my hand in this old class room fan, at first I was hesitant then I just said it just a fan and put my hand in for there approval. When suddenly it became a pool of blood and I look down to see my index finger was missing, then they all ran out leavening me in a state of needing help so I just screamed and screamed and scream until a woman ran into the room. Once she saw what I had done she called a ambulance and ran to the canteen for a towel. Once in the ambulance I was sedated and after that I don't remember much.

I never told on the kids because I thought we would be friends after but no close to the 3 years of my school I was avoided but luckily after my accident I was taken into the special needed center and I met a lot of new friends we all had something wrong with us so we all fit in. After I finished my school years I left instantly and got an internship as a airfield mechanic. After 4 years of the job I moved out of my grandma's and got a small flat in Sydney on Hopper Street, and for a while things was going well until the outbreak. On a late Monday I was listening to the radio and it said there's been a virus which changes people into uncontrollable cannibals called zombies. After receiving this message I called my grandma and booked a flight to a safe zone called Chernarus it says it's heavily protected and high priority.

After a 2 day wait we was on the flight to Chernarus the flight was ok but a lot of panicking from the family's, once we arrive at Balota airfield and are packed into the hangers for getting on the coaches me and my grandma stayed tightly together after a 30 minuet wait we was getting ready to get on the bus. The guards were very speedy loading people into the bus but I believe this frightened the people more. The bus ride was ok we was told a 40 minuet drive. Out of no were the driver was shot suddenly we was under heavy fire, we all stuck our heads down in cover once the first 30 seconds it stops so I ask my grandma if she's ok but she doesn't reply I slowly lift my head up. To see my granny laying there with a shot to the neck, suddenly a great anger over takes me and I march off the bus going to attack the bandits when I get grabbed and forced to the right side of the road by a guard. He tells me I'm crazy and I try to struggle but he has a strong grip I shouted they killed my bloody grandma, and he replied I'm sorry but I don't want them to kill you too. He tells us to move up cover into the bush once in the bush I get away from the group and I start walking to where I think they are but the trees were thick and I got lost. I knew basic survival so I was able to make a fire after it turned night. After I had a sleep I was woken by the sun and had a sort walk and ended up in some town.....

OOC: and my story begins please tell me my faults and pros thanks

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