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Guest Ellohin

Josué Salib a.k.a Ellohin here

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Guest Ellohin

Hello there kind people.

Here i go, and try not to judge by the fact that i'm from brasil... Yeah yeah i know a lot of us are know for doing S***t stuff around games over the world, but at least give me a try.

Some days ago, i was lead to this site when was looking for a group of rp games. I have 23 y/old and back when i was younger i used to play D&D whit a group of 12 people all weekend, then i turned 18 i was forced to join the army. And send to the borderline whit Bolivia since i was doing medicine. I spend almost 4 years seeing things that people only imagine in zombie games, but enough of that is a sad story but with lots of memories good and bad ones. Anyway I lost contact with some of that 12 friends i used to have some role playing game to do with and the other 2 that have joined the army with me stayed in our city, now that i'm back one of those two have to go and replace me on the "battlefield". Now i'm out of service for a long time, since i do more than enough for my country.

Living alone, tring to adjust again in the community, looking for a new group to play D&D, i come across you guys and was wondering why i dont try to join. War; my past years, zombies; something that i love and i have pretty sure i see one(lol but really maybe yes), and games my passion since i was a kid.

I know the whitelist thingy is not "working" yet but when it does i love to be part of it if have chance.

My english is a bit rusty but i think you guys can understand, maybe?

Thanks for reading my occ story and i hope to get along if i join the community and if i dont, no prob bad stuff happen, if someone want to hear "war" stories of a kid like me I try to make contact. Peace.

Elohim thank you all for the patience. "Obrigado pela oportunidade"

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